OBITUARIES Which Involved Those Who Lived or Worked 

Transcribed and Submitted by Sue Jones 
from microfilm of "The Morning Call" which is located in Allentown, Pa. (Lehigh County)

William Berndt
Thursday, January 31, 1895

William Berndt, died Tuesday at the almshouse, aged 70 years.   Deceased was at one time well-to-do and was a popular landlord.   He was once the proprietor of the Lehigh Mountain Hotel and built the Idlewild.   He suffered from paralysis and for a year past, he could neither see nor hear and was unconscious the greater part of the time.  Deceased was a member of Green leaf Lodge, Knights of Pythias, who supported him.   A brother of the deceased is a member of the Connecticut Legislature.   Funeral tomorrow at 2 p.m. from the residence of his brother-in-law, William Osman, No 337 Turner Street. 

Death Notice   January 31, 1895 

Berndt, died January 29, 1895.   William Berndt, aged 59 years, 1 month and 16 days.Funeral services at the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. William Osman, No 337 Turner Steet in this city, on Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock to which the friends and relatives and Greenleaf Lodge. No. 237, K of Pathias are respectfully invited without further notice.   Interment in Union Cemetery.

Solomon Andrews
Monday, June 17, 1895

Solomon Andrews of Laurys’, who was removed to the Lehigh County Almshouse last week, died at that Institution yesterday morning.   About five months ago, he was stricken with a paralytic stroke, which rendered him helpless and the family being in destitute circumstances, he was taken to the place for treatment.   A wife and several children survive.    The funeral will be held on Wednesday forenoon at Miller’s Church, Laury’s at 9:30 o’clock.   Rev. J. D. Schindel will officiate.  

John Fahringer
Thursday, July 18, 1895


John Fahringer, who was a steward at the Lehigh County Almshouse for some time, and who at one time was a candidate for County Treasurer, died in Mulberry, Indiana on Tuesday.   The body will be brought on for burial to this city.   Funeral will take place on Saturday afternoon.   Deceased was an uncle of Herbert Muse, the night clerk of the American Hotel.  

Death Notice  

Fahringer, At Mulberry, Indiana, July 17, 1895, John Fahringer in his 87th year.   Funeral Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock from the residence of Mr. Charles A. Keck, Cetronia to which relatives and friends are respectfully invited without further notice.   Burial and services at Cedarville Church.  

Sarah Harkins
Wednesday, July 17, 1895

Sarah Harkin, wife of Dennis Harkin who resides on Tilghman Street in the Sixth Ward died on Monday at the almshouse, aged 76 years.   The body was brought home yesterday and will be buried this morning with services in the church of the Immaculate Conception at 9 o’clock.   Interment will be made in the cemetery adjoining the church.  

John Matthias
Monday, April 15, 1895


Coroner Yost was summoned to the poor house on Saturday to hold an inquest on the body of John Matthias, a German, who was killed by falling down the stairs of the Cornwall Hotel, Emaus, while in a drunken stupor.   He was about 50 years old.   Matthias, worked in the ore mines and at various times, acted as hostler with headquarters at Macungie.   He was in this country 35 years.   His only relative in America was a nephew in New York.   Coroner Yost impaneled the following jury, S. A. Kern, Moses Kern, Alfred Weaver, Samuel Weidner, Jonas Held and George Neuweiler as a jury.   They found a verdict that John Matthias came to his death accidentally from a fall down stairs at the public house of A. W. Hendricks at Emaus, and we exonerate A. W. Hendricks from all responsibilities.

Isaac Vaux
Monday, September 28, 1895  

Isaac Vaux, of Catasauqua, died at noon yesterday at the poor house, of which he had been an inmate the past eleven or twelve years.   He was 85 years of age and death resulted from diphtheria.   He left a wife and five children in Catasauqua.  

James Fegley
Monday, October 5, 1896

 James Fegley, the peanut vendor, who was one of the well-known characters about town, died at the poor house of hasty, consumption yesterday.   He was taken there on Saturday.   During his illness he spent little time in bed, but it could easily be seen that he was failing fast.   He always got the contract to scrape the streets.   The business men always showed preference to his petition.   He invariably made it a practice to pay his men at the end of every day’s work.  One brother, Peter C. Fegley, of No 527 North Seventh Street, survives.   Today the remains will be brought to his home of his brother and the funeral will take place on Wednesday afternoon.

Death Notice

Fegley, In South Whitehall, October 4, James Fegley, aged 48 (or 18 ) years.             
Funeral services at the residence of his brother, Peter C. Fegley, No 527 North Seventh Street on Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock to which the relatives and friends are respectfully invited without further notice.   Interment in Union Cemetery.  

Ellen Heckman
Saturday, August 22, 1896

Mrs. Ellen Heckman, sister of Steward S. A. J. Kern, died at the poor house, Thursday afternoon at 5:30 after a lingering illness.   The cause of death was cancer.   She was afflicted for a long time and was bedfast for five weeks.   Previous to her illness, she had charge of the cooking department at the poor house.   She was the cook for a number of years.   She was 28 years old.   About three years ago, she was married to Harvey Heckman, of this city, who is employed at Leh’s Shoe Factory.   They have a son 18 months old.

Mrs. Heckman was a daughter of the late Moses Kern, who was steward of the poor house for a long time.   He died only a year ago while he was in office.   Her mother who is matron at the poor house, survives with three brothers and sisters.   S. A. J. Kern, steward at the poor house, Uriah Kern, of Salisbury, Owen Kern, landlord at Cedarville; Mrs. Wilson Woodring of Allentown:  Mrs. Morris Miller of Wescoesville, Mrs. Wilson Walbert of East Texas and Miss Laura Kern of the poor house.

Mrs. Heckman was a most estimable young woman.   Her death will be greatly regretted.  Coming so closely after the death of her father.   It arouses the deepest sympathy for the surviving members of the Kern family.

The funeral will take place on Tuesday, at 9:30 a.m. from the house.   Rev. D. A. Medlar will officiate at short services there.   The regular services and interment will take place at the Salisbury Church.   Rev. M. O. Rath officiating.  

Conrad W. Kruege
Thursday, January 23, 1896 

Death Notice

Kruege, at Lehigh County Almshouse, January 20, 1896, Conrad W. Kruege, aged about 65 years.

Funeral services will be held at Wonderly undertaking rooms, No 86 North Seventh Street., Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock to which all ex soldiers of the late war and the Firing Squad of the sons of Veterans are respectfully invited without further notice. Interment in Fairview Cemetery.  

Harry  Snyder
Monday, March 30, 1896

Harry Snyder an inmate of the almshouse, died yesterday at that place of congestion of the brain.   He has been at that place since Feburary 27, 1896.   He was 84 years of age.   Deceased was a resident of Catasauqua and was employed as hostler for Dr. Daniel Yoder and for a number of years worked in the Wahnetab Silk Mill.   The man’s relations in Catasauqua were notified.  

Joseph Strassburger
Wednesday, March 25, 1896

Joseph Strassburger, aged about 70 years, who died at the poorhouse, was buried in Union cemetery, yesterday afternoon.   He came from what was once a prominent family in this city.   His parents were John and Maria Strassburger.   The mother was a Ganeware.   They at one time, owned the property on which the Fairview House at Union and Lehigh Streets, now stands.    His brother, Samuel was also an inmate of the poorhouse years ago.   He wandered away and was run over on the railroad.   Joseph who intended for the ministry, but owing to too close application to study his mind weakened.  

Moses Kern
Tuesday, September 24, 1895

Moses Kern, the steward of the Lehigh County Almshouse, died at 1:30 a.m. yesterday from typhoid fever.    He had been sick since the 3d inst.   At time, his condition was favorable, but a change for the worse set in.    Moses Kern was born in Lower Macungie township and was a son of Essie Kern and wife, nee Bastian.    He was aged 65 years, 9 months and 21 days.   His father, trained him for farming and sent him to the public schools.   He was an apt pupil, both in school and on the farm, and laid a solid foundation of sound common sense, good judgement and excellent managerial capacity, which have stood him in good stead as the chief executive of the county’s farm and home for unfortunates.    He tilled a farm, until called, nine years and a half ago, to succeed Josiah Henninger, resigned as steward of the poorhouse.    His administration of the affairs of the almshouse always gave satisfaction and brought the institution up to standard not exceeded by any in the state.      His wife gave him valuable assistance as matron and his son, S. A. Kern, as deputy steward.   In politics he was an ardent Democrat.

Deceased leaves a widow, who is a daughter of John Mohr, deceased, eight children, S. A. J. Kern, deputy steward;   Uriah, of Salisbury, Owen, landlord of the hotel at Cetronia;  Mrs. Wilson Woodring, of Allentown;   Mrs. Morris Miller of Lower Macungie, who lives on the Kern Homestead;  Mrs. Wilson Walbert, Mrs. Harvey Heckman and Miss Laura Kern, who lives at home and these five sisters:   Mrs. Jacob Ott of Lower Macungie;   Mrs. Marvin D. Henninger, of Salisbury;   Mrs. Benjamin Bogert and Mrs. Helena Mohr, of Lower Macungie and Mrs. Addison Wint of Allentown.

The funeral will be held Thursday forenoon at the Salisbury Church and Rev. M. O. Rath of Centre Valley will officiate.

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