ANNUAL REPORT of the STATE BOARD of CHARITIES                                        p 1050-1051
A TABLE showing the number of Paupers supported at the public expense in the county of ULSTER, during the twelve months preceding April 21, 1823, with other particulars, derived from public documents and reports furnished the Secretary of State.
TOWNS Total number of paupers
supported during the
whole of the last year.
Total number relieved
during a part of the last year.
Total expenses of supporting and relieving paupers (including fees and expenses of officers, removals and appeals) for the last year.

Dolls.   Cts.

Expenses and cost of officers and appeals during same period.

Dolls.  Cts.

Number of paupers removed during the last year.
Esopus  ***                
Hurley   *** 2 0 1 1 1  90.00 4.00  
Kingston 15 6 8 13 8  1,150.00 310.00 5
Marbletown 17 not stated 8 9 6 400.00 0.00  
Marlborough ***                
New Paltz 9 33 21 21 19 623.38 50.00 11
Olive      ***                
Plattekill 6 not stated 4 2 1 406.75 216.38 9
Rochester ***                
Saugerties 12 not stated 7 5 5 550.00 95.00  
Shandaken 1 7 3 5 2 223.00 200.00 7
Shawangunk 14 12 13 13 5 818.00 218.00  
Warwarsing 4 not stated 2 2 2 230.50 10.00  
Woodstock 3 5 3 5 2 75.00 42.71 5
*** Indicates "No Return"    PHL 
   I send you the returns from all the towns in Ulster county, (except five towns which have not been received,) on the subject of the poor. In addition to the information they contain, it may perhaps be useful to state, that there are five paupers supported as a county charge, on account of their being foreigners. The sum annually raised, is about $300. [Letter from the county clerk.]


   We have no poor-house nor house of industry, that can be properly so called. We contract with one person for the maintenance of a specified number, for a specified sum, who furnishes them with all the necessaries of life, and receives from them such services as they are able to perform. By this plan, instead of putting them out singly to different individuals, the town saves annually, at least $200. [Letter from the overseers of the poor of Kingston.]


   Our poor are now billeted out among the inhabitants, and it is our opinion that a poor-house or house of industry would greatly increase our expenses. [Letter from the supervisor of Marbletown.]


   We have a poor-house and lot in our town, but for the want of room and other conveniences, there is but one of our poor in it at present. There is not any of our paupers, who are employed in any kind of labor. [Letter for the overseers of the poor of Platekill.]


   We contract with one person for the maintenance of the pauper chargeable to us, who finds all the necessaries of life, and receives from her, such service as she is able to perform. [Letter from the overseers of the poor of Shandaken.]


   There are no facts within our knowledge, that will be important to state, except that pauperism has increased in this town, as fast perhaps as in any other, as can be readily seen, from noticing that no tax was requisite here, until 1820, and no very expensive law suits have ever been made chargeable to this town. [Letter from the overseers of the poor of Saugerties.]


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