Madison County Poorhouse
the Poorhouse Story


Caption: Madison County House, Eaton, N.Y.

Note: The use of the term County HOUSE (rather than Poorhouse or County Home)
is unusual in New York State.      PHL

Caption:  No. 19  Eaton -- Madison County Home

the Poorhouse Story

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the Poorhouse Story
1824 LAW (required establishment of poorhouse vs. exempted): exempted
the Poorhouse Story

It consists of three stone buildings, each two stories in height, the first used for sane and healthy paupers, one hundred and fifteen by forty feet, the second is used as an hospital, thirty-eight by thirty-two feet, the third as a lunatic asylum, thirty-eight by thirty-two. In the poor house are nineteen, in the hospital eleven, in the asylum seventeen. Attached is a farm of one hundred and thirty five acres, thirty acres wood land, yielding an annual revenue estimated at $1,5000.00. The basements are used for domestic purpopes. The buildings are warmed by stoves and about one third of the rooms are ventilated. The number of inmates was one hundred and eight, seventy-two males and thirty-six females, of these three-fourths are of foreign birth. Among the paupers are thirty children. The sexes are separated at night, but mingle during the day, they are cared for by the keeper and his wife. Those in a single room range from one to thirty-five. The average number of inmates is one hundred and thirty, supported at a weekly cost of fifty-six cents each, exclusive of the products of the farm. The males so far as able, labor on the farm and the women in domestic avocations. The house has been inspected by the supervisors once during the year. It is supplied with Bibles, but no religious instruction is furnished. A teacher is hired, and school taught during the whole year, the average number of scholars is seventeen. The superintendents of the poor furnish the house with supplies and impose rules for government and regulate the system of diet. They bind out children on their arrival at proper ages and exercise the power to discharge lunatics. The present keeper is a superintendent. The fare of the paupers consists of beef, pork, bread and plain wholesome food. A physician is employed by the year at a salary of $100, who visits the house whenever called. There are no arrangements for bathing, but usually a plentiful supply of water furnished. During the year one birth and five deaths have occurred. Of the inmates fourteen are lunatics, five males and nine females, all but one are paupers. Three have been admitted within the year. They are under the care of a single attendant and receive no medical attendance. Nine are confined in cells, and three of these are so violent that the attendants are unable to keep them clothed, they are frequently tied or chained to the floor. During the past year none have been either improved or cured. The construction of the house allows classification to a fair extent.

Seven of the paupers are idiots, four males and three females, four of these are under fifteen years of age.

The house can be kept comfortably warmed in winter. Intemperance brings to this house three-fourths of its inmates. This establishment in the ampleness of its accommodations and in the cleanly and orderly manner in which it is kept, ranks among the best poor houses in the state.
Transcribed by PHS-Volunteer, Cheramie Breaux in Louisiana
the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story
the Poorhouse Story

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the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story

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