POORHOUSE RESIDENTS from the 1860 Census

in the Salisbury "Town Asylum" -- Litchfield County, Connecticut

Submitted by:   Janice  Whigmaster@aol.com
Dwelling # 224 Family#248
The census was taken on the 6th day of August 1860.
Hercules(?) W. Thorpe, 37, M, Keeper of Asylum, b. MA

Esther Thorpe, 25, F, b. NY

Helen M. Thorpe, 7, F. b. CT

Almira E. Thorpe, 5, F, b. CT

Philo J. Pierce, 8, M, b. CT

Cyrus Merryfield, 19, M, laborer, b. NY

Sarah Ostrander, 14, F, b. CT


Timothy TITUS, 83, M, b. NY, Pauper

George KENDALL, 78, M, b. VT, Pauper

Phineas LEWIS, 78, M, b. MA, Pauper

William HOLDEN, 65, M, b. CT, Pauper

Polly WELDEN,61, F, b. CT, Pauper

Elizabeth OWEN, 64, F, b. CT, Insane Pauper

Hannah LAWRENCE, 51, F, b. CT, Pauper

William BATES, 45, M, b. CT, Idiotic Pauper

Amos MOORE, 41, M, b. CT, Insane Pauper

Laura WINTERS, 10, F, b. CT, attended school, Pauper

Maria Sumner/Sumer?,7, F, b. CT, Pauper

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