The original frame dormitory for the inmates of the second poor farm was destroyed by fire in early 1926. On Page 232 of Pope County Court Record Book U is an entry dated May 3, 1926, signed by J.W. Danley, county judge, appointing R.L. Jenkins, R.B. Wilson and R.L. Harkey to the building committee to build a new county home at the county farm to replace the home destroyed by fire.
            On Page 211 is an entry dated June 5, 1926, showing the County Court appropriated $4,000 to build the new inmate home. The County Court also authorized the sale of some land at the county farm to help pay for the building.
            The three-man building committee also reported at the County Court's June 5, 1926, meeting: "The committee recommends a stone building with 12-inch thick walls, 24-inch footing, concrete floor with composition roof, 100 feet long by 34 feet wide with 8-foot wide hall through the center entire length of the building -- making space for 20 10x12-foot rooms, 9 foot ceiling overhead made of lumber, 17 rooms for housing inmates, and 3 for kitchen and dining room; 1 electric light in each room, 2 brick flues (one at each end of the hall); porch in front 8x34 feet with stone columns.
             At the County Court's Oct. 28, 1926, meeting (Page 258 of Book U), the county farm inspection committee reported an unfurnished stone building 100 feet by 34 feet containing 17 rooms with an 8­foot hall and a front porch. There were 11 inmates at the home at that time.
            The committee's report also noted the county farm had 6 head of killing hogs, 3 good milk cows, 3 head of good mules, 1 mare, 250 bushels of good corn, 100 bales of loose hay and farm tools (cultivator, mower, stalk cutter, planter and distributor).
            The new inmate residence building had a cornerstone. On Page 273 of Book U is an entry dated Nov. 22, 1926, showing the county paid $22 to Russellville Marble Works for the cornerstone and lettering.
            J.H. Harris was superintendent of the county poor farm in 1926. A new superintendent took over in 1927. An entry on Page 285 of Book U dated Jan. 3, 1927, shows a bond of $3,000 posted by H. A.. Dalrymple, superintendent of the county home. Sureties for the bond were H.M. Stanford and H.F. Hill. The superintendent's salary was $375 per quarter.                            

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