into the Treasury of Pope County the sum of One Hundred and Five and 00/100 Dollars the same being the full amount of the said note,together with the interest thereon according to dates, demands that a deed conveying said lands be made and executed to Charlotte A. Vaughan and her heirs. Now Therefore, Know all Men by these Presents That I J. T. Bullock, Judge of the County Court of Pope County Arkansas, successor to the said Jes Linzy, County Judge as aforesaid for and in consideration of said sum of One Hundred and five and 00/100 Dollars and the premises aforesaid, do hereby Grant, Bargain, sell, and Convey unto the said Charlotte A., Vaughan,and unto her heirs and assigns forever, The following described lands, lying in Pope County, Arkansas to_wit: 
Commencing on Ed Vaughn line near his residence and, running south thirty six and one half (36 1/2) Rods to the Corner of an orchard, sold by Ben Phillips to James Smith as per deed recorded on page two hundred and fifty two (252) in Record Book "H" of Deeds of said County, Thence west six (6) rods to a cross fence between the place owned by said Ben Phillips and Herrod Phillips, Thence south forty four (44) Rods to a stake. Thence East thirty four (34) Rods to a Black Jack, Thence south to the line of lands formerly owned by said Ben Phillips Near the farm of John Furr, to a red oak. Thence East to the Corner, thence North to said Vaughan's land. Thence west
with said line to the beginning and Containing (80) Eighty acres

17                (cont'd)