J. T. Bullock, Judge                    Deed
County court
Pope county, Arkansas

                           Dated November 21, 1885

                           Acknowledged Before A
                           Notary Public
, Seal Affixed

To                                                              Recorded January 5, 1887

                                          Record Book T Page 516

                           Consideration $100.00
                           a note payable
                           December 25, 1886
                           5% interest

Charlotte A. Vaughan


Whereas, on the 21st day of November A. D. 1885 Jes Linzy then Judge of the County Court of Pope County, Arkansas did enter into contract to and with Edward Vaughn of said County, by the terms of which said contract, the said J. S. Linzy as County Judge aforesaid agreed and contracted to sell and convey to the said Edward Vaughn, or his assigns the hereinafter described lands belonging to said County,and known as the "County Poor House Property," in consideration of the covenants and agreements made by the said Jes Linzy as County Judge as aforesaid the said Edward Vaugh(n) Executed his promissory note for the payment of the purchase money for said lands, said note being for the sum of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) payable to J. S. Lenzy as County Judge, or to his successor in office. Said note dated November 21st 1885, and due December 25th 1886, and bearing interest at the rate of five per cent (5%)per annum from date until paid. And the said Edward Vaugh(n) having this day paid

16                (cont'd)