1876 and 1885 Deed Records

[Note: The following 6 pages comprise the facsimiles of the original documents of 2 deeds. As we scanned these, the scanning process could not convert all of the notation formatting from the original document. We have used red font below to indicate any place where we had to deviate from the format of the originals in order to preserve readability. PHL ]

J. H. Baker and                 Title Bond
Sallie Baker
                                Dated February 3, 1876


                                Acknowledged Before
                                A Circuit Clerk,
                                Seal Affixed 

                                Record Book M Page 281

W.S.D. Ewing,
H. S. Maddux
and J. C. Bonds,      Consideration $1400.00
as Poor House Commissioners

Know all then by these presents that I J. H. Baker of Pope County Arkansas am held and firmly bound unto W. S. D. Ewing, I:. S. Maddux and J . C. Bonds as Poor House Commissioners of said County, for the use of said County in the Just and full sum of four Hundred dollars
good and lawful money of the United States, for the payment of which well and truly to be made I bind myself my heirs Executors and administrators firmly by these presents, Signed with my hand and Sealed with my Seal this 3rd day of February 1876. The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas I the said J. H. Baker have this day sold to said Commissioners for the use of Said County, for the Sum of four hundred dollars the following described land lying and being in said County, to wit; the East half of the South West quarter of Section (31) thirty one in Township (9) nine Range (19) nineteen containing eighty acres, for which the Said Commissioners have

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