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"My great-grandparents were living on a County poorfarm when I found them in the 1920 Washington Census. They were in  Cowlitz County, Monticello Pct. - I don't really know where the nearest  town was, though. The census pages were in Cowlitz Co. E.D. 52. I'll be curious to see if I can find out more about it."
 Nancy Noble noble2@home.com 

the Poorhouse Story

"There was a Poor Farm which was situated off Willows road between Redmond and Woodinville, King County, WA."
     Jackie Smelser  jasmels@juno.com 

For details about the location of the Walla Walla County Poor Farm, click the link to their cemetery notes in the CEMETERY section below.

For details about the location of the Yellowstone County Poor Farm, click the link to their cemetery notes in the CEMETERY section below.

the Poorhouse Story

Here is an excellent newspaper article which emphasizes the life stories of the two inmates among those buried at the cemetery for the Clark County Poor Farm for whom there exist remaining grave markers with names.

Homepage for The Columbian

Monday, February 19, 2001
By GREGG HERRINGTON, Columbian staff writer

And here is another one! 

Friday, May 11, 2001
By GREGG HERRINGTON, Columbian staff writer

This is an article about the great work of three women:

"Rose Marie Harshman, Kitty Oman and Mary Snell for three months searched death certificates, funeral home records and newspaper obituaries to create what they believe to be a list of all the men, women and children buried at the farm."

the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story


Index to The Clark County Poor Farm
by Rose Marie Harshman, Kitty Oman, & Mary Snell.

with related photo album
This is a wonderful photo essay by Pat Hanning!

County Farm Cemetery -- Clark County    (includes photographs!)

"I have made a copy of the list of Poor Farm Cremations, Seattle (King County),1912. To give due credit, these were transcribed by Ron Cross in 1984 for the Seattle Genealogical Society, which is where I made my copy. The King County Poor Farm was located at 6737 Corson Ave., in Seattle, and this may be the address you see on a death certificate as the place of death. These people were exhumed during the months of November and December, 1912, and all but one were cremated. Some had identifying information, some did not, unfortunately. I would be glad to check the list for anyone who thinks they may have an ancestor, who was laid to rest in this manner."
       Sherry Steele    steel75642@aol.com 

Spokane County Poor Farm burials (in Fairfield Cemetery)
Spokane Poor Farm burials (in Evergreen Cemetery)
Graham Road Cemetery
-- Spokane County 
"The only known burials are of people that died in Spangle, possibly the Poor Farm."  
Chattaroy Cemetery -- Spokane County
"I was told by the current Sexton there were County Poor farm burials, with no known records of names and where they are in the cemetery."  Maggie Rail  mrail@cet.com  

Poor Farm Cemetery -- Walla Walla County  


the Poorhouse Story

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