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Here is the South Carolina excerpt  from a U.S. Government REPORT 
summarizing various state poor laws in 1904.  
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the Poorhouse Story

"Robert William Dampier (1839-1907), a Civil War veteran who lost his left arm in the war, was Superintendent of the Darlington County, South Carolina Poor Houses and Farm in 1880. The Poor Houses and Farm was located in Darlington Township. Dampier lived on the premises with his wife and four children." [Source: Family History; 1880 Darlington County S.C. Census (Supv.District 3, Census page 48, Enumeration District 32)]  
     Suzanne Dampier McGathey 

"I  was told my ggrandmother Lucretia Owen Campbell died at the Anderson County, South Carolina
Poor House. The Old County Home was located near the present day Civic Center. I was told there
are no records of who stayed there or who died there prior to the 1900's. There is a small graveyard
and a marker for some of the people that died at the Old County Homeafter 1900.The grave yard is near the Old County Home Site. The Old County Home was turned in to an Anderson County storage building of sorts. If anyone has any information regarding the people who were there prior to 1900, please e-mail me at .Thank You, Joe Campbell"  

"My Grandfarther was in the Charleston County, SC Poor House from 1930. When I contacted the state they said they used the poorhouse records to heat their  buildings during the War. That is going to make it hard to find any records if it is true."
       Jean Heffron Royal 

"I am looking for information about the Chester County, South Carolina Poor House. It is rumored within the family that my ggrandfather, Elledge or Eldridge Hall Land and his wife, Nancy Jane Thomas Land both died and were buried there. It is believed to have been located just outside the town of Chester. Any info is greatly appreciated."
     L. Hull 

the Poorhouse Story

"Charleston Poorhouse  --
Founded in 1736 to care for the sick poor. Focus on healthcare, education and employment. Admits free blacks from 1809. Funded initially from private money, but from 1830s receives city government funds as well. In 1852 the old poorhouse was turned over to blacks when new building was constructed for whites
See: Records in City of Charleston Archives"
     This reference was found at 

the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story

For notes about Anderson County's poorhouse cemetery, see NOTES FROM READERS above.  PHL
The poorhouse was also known as the County Home.

Here is a link to a wonderful page on the South Carolina GenWeb site --
     The ANDERSON COUNTY HOME CEMETERY (with a list of those buried there)  

the Poorhouse Story

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