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Caption: Multnomah County Home ~ Troutdale, Oregon 


the Poorhouse Story


Here is the Oregon excerpt   from a U.S. Government REPORT 
summarizing various state poor laws in 1904. .
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the Poorhouse Story



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"The Multnomah County Farm is named on a death certificate dated 17 Apr 1921. The 86-year-old woman named in the death cert. is listed in the 1920 Federal census as a patient in a Johnson Creek Precinct in Crook Co. Her usual residence is listed as Prineville [also in Crook Co.], and she had been a resident of the Farm for 11mos and 22days. Because many parts of OR at the time, like Crook Co. in central OR, were rather remote, the Multnomah County Farm likely served the needs of a large part of the state."

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 History of Multnomah County Poor Farm
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McMenamins Edgefield (Resort) -- former poorhouse in Troutdale, Oregon

Edgefield history


the Poorhouse Story

"There is said to have been a Poorhouse in Talent Oregon at one time. It would have been in Jackson County. I have yet to find any other info on it though. Still searching. Will let you know if I find anything, so that  you may add it to your site."
         Laurie Cotton-Johnson   bxerldy@cdsnet.net 

"Back in the early 50's there was a "County Home" (Poor House) just north of the Talent Junction that was where highway 99 and Talent highway came together. The poor house was on the right side of the road about 2 miles north of the Junction. It later became the county farm, and after that became the dog pound. The wooden structure was just off the road and was between the highway and Bear Creek. Some of the inhabitants spent time panning gold on Bear Creek.
     Monty Lutz    MLutz54261@aol.com 

"In Linn County, just west of Albany Oregon, a county road is called Poor Farm Road and the County Poor Farm was located on that road. I ran across references to the Poor Farm when researching Census Records for that area of Linn County. If I find them again, I will send them along to you."
     Linda Ivers  IversLL@cs.com  

"There "used" to be a poorhouse in the Eugene Oregon area [Lane County] on County Farm Rd. I don't know it's history."
     Paul A. Skaggs  mnyhours@dsicomputers.com  

"Eugene-Springfield area of Lane County, Oregon. Game Farm Road, which runs between Belt-Line and Harlow Roads between Eugene and Springfield used to be called Poor Farm Road. I do not know where the Poor Farm was, though  I used to go on this road many times about 60 years ago. No Poor Farm there, then, that I am aware of. This was also an area of rich farm ground at that time, and was truck farmed, with the best of vegetables."
     Phyllis Barr-Chezem Crothers   crothers@rtinet.com 

the Poorhouse Story

Survey of Poorhouse Records Holdings of the Oregon State Archives and local government records.

the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story

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