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Here is the Mississippi excerpt  
from a 
U.S. Government REPORT 
summarizing various state poor laws in 1904. .


"I grew up in Quitman, MS. Clarke Co. and I remember the Poorhouse that was located five miles east of Quitman in front of Coopers Chapel Church. This was in the 1940's. we must have had a relative there because I remember our family taking food. Also I was told by my dad that the County sent food and the game warden would bring meat that he had taken away from hunters that should not have killed the game. This brings back memories."
                  Billy  Beckman   BeckAmericana@webtv.net 

"There was a 'poor house' located in Holmes County, MS during the late 1800's to early 1900's.  My GG-grandfather went to this poor house called the Old Men's Home in 1903 after he suffered a stroke.  My grandmother finally told me the 'shame' of our family after much pleading.  
The Old Men's Home is no longer there but it was on Acona Road about 1 1/2 miles north of Lexington in Holmes County.  It also had it's own cemetery just across the road called Pinkston Cemetery.  My GG-grandfather was buried there.  No markings or headstones."
      Teresa Bransby April1692@email.msn.com

On my great grandfather's ( John Thomas Waldrep) death certificate is listed the following information:
"Died in County Home, 8 July 1928, Jones County, Ellisville, Mississippi. Buried in county home casket, Hinton cemetery, Jones county, Ellisville, Mississippi."
     Gayle  gayle@grnco.net 

"Lafayette County in Mississippi had a poor house south of Oxford a few miles.  When we would drive down route 7 we could see it from the road. It was a little farm house and usually we could see people sitting on the porch.  It always evoked the oft quoted sentence by my parents "If you don't stop wanting things, we will be in the poorhouse.I believe the residents made a garden and grew vegetables for their kitchen.  This home had a bit of a mystique and we felt bad that people had to be there but even as a child I realized it was for people who had nowhere else to go."
     Maralyn Bullion   mbullion@watervalley.net  

"I don't have a list or anything, but there is still a county home operating for the poor in Monroe County, Mississippi. It is located east of Aberdeen just off Hwy 8 before you get to the Westville community. Grave sites are there. I don't know if the present staff has records or not. I do know it has been there over 60 years to my knowledge. The county may have records. The phone no listed is (662)369-4485."       
      Jean Carr  jsmit-car@webtv.net 

"Pontotoc County also had a "poor house". It eventually became what today is  called the county home or Sunshine Rest Home."
                A. C. Peeples   ACPeeples@aol.com 

"Does anyone out there have any information on a Poor House in Tippah County that was in existence in 1870. According to the 1870 Tippah Co. census, my gg grandfather was running a poor house. There were 17 paupers living in the same household with his family of 9. I would imagine it would be near Ripley, as that was the post office shown on the census, and where he lived most of his life. I would be very interested in learning where it was located and how he came to be running it. Also a little history about it. Any information or sources where I might search would be greatly appreciated." 
Thanks, Kay kaynlinn@aol.com 

"I remember a poor house in Greenville, Washington County, MS as a child growing up. I don't live there now, but the house was located at the end of Lewis Street. Lewis Street could be reached by turning off Hwy 82 going east. I lived on Daniels Street, which ran into Lewis Street. My friends and I would go by the poor house and look at everyone that was on the porch of the building. They would be sitting there watching who passed by or just talking with the other residents. There was a black house and a white house. I don't know the names of any of the residents there. This was the early 1960's that our family lived there."
                Margie Scogin     scoginm@ipa.net 

the Poorhouse Story


the Poorhouse Story

Partial list (blacks only) of residents of Hinds County poorhouse from the 1880 Census

List of residents of Montgomery County poorhouse from the 1900 Census

List of residents of Tippah County poorhouse from the 1870 Census                       

the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story

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