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Caption:  Entrance to Chatham County Farm, Savanah, GA.


"Were there any poorhouses in the following Georgia Counties --- Chatham, Bryan, Effingham, Bulloch, Tattnall, Appling?"

am searching for information on the Poor House that was in Swainsboro, Emanuel County GA, in the late 1800s.  This was told to me by my great-uncle about his grandmother, Mariah Irby Corbin (ca. 1813 - ca. 1893): Uncle Cranford Corbin (born 1889) told me he remembered, as a small boy, one night he had been put to bed but had not gone to sleep.  His father, Nelson, came home late and he heard his mother ask him, "Did you see her?"  He said from what he heard them saying, he learned his father's mother had died in the "poor house" in Swainsboro, and Nelson had gone to make arrangements. In particular, I'd like to find the cemetery for this poor house."  
     Olivia Williamson Saffold


the Poorhouse Story


In 1939, as part of a Works Progress Administration project, an interview was conducted with an elderly woman whom the writer called  "The Sunshine Lady" who had been a resident of the Richmond County Home for the previous 28 years. Her autobiographical story is truly inspiring and rich in details about life in a county poorhouse -- as well as her life prior to admission.  This is another example of the fact that poorhouse residence was often necessitated by chronic health problems and old age rather than by poverty.  

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Keyword: "The Sunshine Lady"      PHL

the Poorhouse Story


The following is an excerpt from a U.S. Government REPORT 
summarizing various state poor laws in 1904. .
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the Poorhouse Story



the Poorhouse Story

List of Poorhouse residents from the 1850 Federal Census Gwinnett County, Georgia  
on the US GenWeb project website (look for families # 575 & 576)

"Jackson County Georgia Pauper Farm Records
on the website of the East Georgia Genealogical Society

The list of poorhouse residents for Laurens County, may be found in the 1910 Census .
It is described as an almshouse and can be found as follows:  
Enumerated 4 May 1910.
Supervisor's Dist. 11
Enumeration District #101 Sheet 6A
Located on "Telfair Road"
Militia District #342.
   submitted by: Ranny Brewer  

the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story

We are hoping to build this base of information about poorhouses in GEORGIA through the helpful participation of  readers. All are requested to submit items of interest by sending e-mail to The Poorhouse Lady.

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