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The following is an excerpt from a U.S. Government REPORT 
summarizing various state poor laws in 1904. .
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the Poorhouse Story


The Colorado GenWeb Project has published a history of the "Denver Farm." 

COGenWeb County Coordinator, Leona L. Gustafson, explains:
To fully understand what's going on here--both Denver and Adams County were part of Arapahoe County until 1902.  While it was part of Arapahoe County, Denver was the county seat.  When it split off it became "The City & County of Denver" (official name), but it did retain jurisdiction over some parts of the general area that were outside the new county.  The Poor Farm remained under the jurisdiction of The City & County of Denver even though it was actually in Adams County

To read this you may go to The Forgotten Past of Adams County and click on the link to Denver Farm.

the Poorhouse Story

"The Foothills Inquirer: Quarterly of Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado, Inc." Volume 8, Number 1 (February, 1988) contains the 1909-10 Report of the Poor for Clear Creek County. (This particular report does contain a list of names which is not a list of poorhouse residents, but of people who received "outdoor" relief in their own community.)  The article states:  The following records are available at the Colorado State Archives as part of the Secretary of State papers in box # 9694. Some counties did not file and many other filings contain statistics only. The report was "to be made to the Secretary of State immediately after the 30th of November each year."

"Someone mentioned to me that she had seen a record book from the El Paso County Poor Farm on display [at the Bear Creek Nature Center?] in Colorado Springs. The nature center was torched last year, and this contact mentioned this to me before the fire, so I don't know if it survived."
     Linda Vixie 


Published  in 1982 by "Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado Inc." (located in Lakewood, Jefferson County, just west of Denver); price. $7.00 plus P/H at PO Box 150382, Lakewood CO 80215-0382    
This is a delightful book! Twenty pages of photocopied original hand-written poorhouse records. (No transcription--so readers have to figure out what the old-time handwriting says!) These are monthly reports of expenditures for the poor--both in and out of the poorhouse. It gives names of people who submitted bills (i.e. vendors--for expenditures on everything from groceries and coal to salaries for poorhouse employees) and those poor on whose behalf the funds were spent. Finally a 20 page typed index of all names is provided.
 Great Reading!
              --The Poorhouse Lady

"The Poorhouse Listing in the Federal Census for  1930 Colorado, La Plata County, may be found in Animas Town-precinct 5, ED 34-12, Pg 6A (image 12 0f 12 images on  At top of page is written "La Plata County Home, formerly called County Poor Farm.  Only about 20 inmates there"
     Laura Hilton 
the Poorhouse Story

Paupers Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado 

CO_ElPaso_CemPhoto.jpg (28377 bytes)
submitted by:  Linda Vixie
Pikes Peak Genealogical Society Cemetery Project chair

the Poorhouse Story

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