taken by Richard Wilson of South Glens Falls, NY (1999)

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Photos of cemeteries

Path to the Cemetery                           Entrance View         

pathcemetery.jpg (40190 bytes)                ENTRANCE VIEW

Note the division into two sections:
NUMBERED Stones on the Left -- NAMED Stones on the Right.
"The Cemetery & The Corn Field -- Side by Side"
(showing the Named Stones side)

Cornfield Cemetery.jpg
    Numbered Stone          Named Stone       

STONE numbered            STONE named
Numbered Stones -View 1 of 2

NUMBERED 1 of  2

Numbered Stones - View 2 of 2

NUMBERED 2 of  2
Named Stones - View 1 of 2

Named Stone

Named Stones - View 2 of 2

Named Stones 2 of 2
View of Rail Fence & Entrance/Exit

EXIT Cemetery

Viewed as leaving -- from inside cemetery - facing from back toward front

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