Residents of the PERSON COUNTY POORHOUSE 1850, p. 474 of 1850 census:

William Gregory, age 36, oversees poor, NC
Mary Gregory, 50, NC
Ann Trickey, 70, NC pauper
David Trickey 60, NC pauper
Kitsey Lowery, 67, VA, pauper
David Owens, 63, NC, Pauper
Ann Calling, 59, NC, pauper (indexed as Collins)
Lemuel Fhecher 50, NC, pauper (indexed as Samuel Welcher)
Willie Collins, 50, NC, pauper (indexed as Collis)
Mary Fulcher, 48,VA, Pauper
Charles Gregory, 49, NC, idiotic
Chasey Gregory (f), 68, NC, pauper
Mina Bullen, 38, NC, insane (indexed as Bolllen)
Loia Westbrook (f) 35, NC pauper (first name indexed as Ldia)
Mary Clayton, 28, NC, pauper
Margaret Clayton, 15, NC, pauper
Edward Wagstaff, 8, NC, pauper
Ralph Clayton, 5, NC, Pauper
Willie P. Clayton, 1, NC, pauper
Molly Mitchell, 85, NC, pauper, Mulatto
Patsey Marlin, 43, NC, idiotic, Mulatto (indexed as Patty Martin)
Martha Everett, 35, NC, pauper, Mulatto
Elizabeth Everett, 6/12, NC, pauper, Mulatto
Samuel Everett, 5, NC, pauper, Mulatto
Rada Leester, 68, VA, pauper (Indexed as Liester)
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