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Greene County, Illinois Poor House -- 1860 Census
Name, age, sex, occupation, birth place

George Vaughn 39 M Farmer VA Poor House [Keeper]
Mary J. Vaughn 32 F NY
Julia G. Vaughn 11 F IL (attended school)
Susan J. Vaughn 8 F IL (attended school)
Edna C. Vaughn 6 F IL (attended school)
George A. Vaughn 4 M IL
Mary Vaughn 1 F IL
Lydia Hilly 25 F Domestic IL (Illiterate)
John Londy 40 M Farm Labor IRE
James Leonard 87 M Printer NY Pauper
Gabriel Odle 55 M IL Pauper
Mrs. Wilson 60 F Domestic --
Lucinda Sweeten 21 F IL Cripple
Thomas Silkwood 21 M IL
Daniel ?? 35 M Farm Labor IRE
Charles Dagney 35 M Day Labor IRE
John Conner 60 M Farm Labor IRE

Page 752; Dwelling # 927; Family #927. All occupants listed as "white"

Submitted by PHS-Volunteer Nancy Pfannenstiel