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Greene County, Illinois Poor House -- 1850 Census
Name, age, sex, occupation, birth place
In a separate household:

SMITH Samuel 47 M Supt. of the Poor Keeper NY
SMITH Julia 41 F NY
SMITH Nancy M. 17 F NY
SMITH Holder C. 14 M NY
SMITH Henry 11 M IL
SMITH Samuel 9 M IL
SMITH George 7 M IL
SMITH Julia 4 F IL
SMITH Henrietta 2 F IL

Listed as being the next residence:

DUNN Ann 18 F Ireland
WHITE Cerena 8 F IL
THATCHER Elizaeth 72 F Pauper Vt
HOPPER Catharine 70 F Pauper SC (Illiterate)
ODLE Gabriel 45 M Idiot IL (illiterate)
HEWETT Mary 30 F Idiot IL (illiterate)
WILLIAMS Thomas J. 19 M Mo (illiterate)
SWEATON Lucinda 15 F Mo

Submitted by PHS-Volunteer Nancy Pfannenstiel