PRESTON COUNTY POOR FARM   (Kingwood, West Virginia)

Submitted by Kim Varner
"My parents, brother and I lived in the Preston County Poor House located in Kingwood WV. My parents moved there in 1973 when my father took a job with the Preston County Board of Education. His job was Caretaker of the farm and night watchman of the vocational school and bus garage. My brother and I grew up on the farm. My parents moved away two years ago to get their own place."

Here we fast forward time!

Black & White
= taken in 1963       Colored = taken in 2000

"The "Walnut Crest Lodge" Poorhouse ... was built in 1877.  It is built of red brick, has a slate roof and the interior woodwork is all oak, including the three staircases.  The building is presently being used by the Preston County Board of Education for storage purposes." Marion Scott  


Here we see the barn. 
(Hmmm. Did that tree grow fast or what!?)

Below we have a long shot view of the barn and the calf barn. 
The barn is still in use today; the calf barn is used as a wrestling room for the high school.

Note: The very tiny pictures below with a border are "thumbnails"; click on them to enlarge them.

The buildings pictured to the far right are no longer there.

hog barn

hog barn

corn cribs 
(and water shed)
looking from the barn

chicken coops
in back

WV_preston_1963_hogbarn.jpg (51513 bytes)

WV_preston_2001_hog barn.jpg (27337 bytes)

WV_preston_1963_view of the corn cribs looking from the barn.jpg (40952 bytes)

WV_Preston_1963_chicken)_coops.jpg (39946 bytes)

Now looking down the road where the corn crib and other buildings once stood.

chicken coops gone

WV_Preston_2000_chickenCoopsGone.jpg (15944 bytes)

This is a view of the back of the main building. The white porch was an integral part of the building. It is interesting to note that on the inside wall there was what appeared to be a serving window through which food may have been served to people waiting on the porch.


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