Juneau County Poor Farm -- 1888 Newspaper Article

Transcribed from the Mauston Star, Feb. 16, 1888, Page 1
Submitted by Joan Benner jmbenner@tznet.com

"The County Poor"

The following are the names and ages of those now on the poor farm with the town where they belong, supplied by Michael HEEREY, County Superintendent of the Poor.

            CHURCHILL Rachel            52 years                Wonewoc
            FRANK Fred                        45 years                Germantown
            FULLER Isadore                   50 years                Necedah

            GARDNER Charles               77 years                Wonewoc
            HECKER Margaret               70 years                Germantown
            LEWIS Isaac                          86 years                Necedah
            LEWIS Mary                          82 years                Necedah
            MILLER S. V.                        76 years               Germantown
            NORTABERG Dora              75 years                Necedah
            NORTABERG Dora               80 years                Necedah
            O’BRIEN Terrence                 75 years                Lindina
            OLISKEY Katie                     38 years                Marion
            O’ROURKE Chris                  65 years                Wonewoc
            SAUNDERS James                70 years                Elroy
            SHIELDS Patrick                   70 years                Kingston

 Last year (a dry season) there were raised on the farm the following crops:

1004 bushels of oats

300 bushels of corn

150 bushels of potatoes

40 bushels of rutabagas

6 bushels of onions

8 bushels of beets

1.5 barrels sauerkraut

30 heads cabbage

45 tons hay

1 large stack of corn for fodder

1 large straw stack

On the farm at this time are:

one pair mares, 7 years old

one colt, 8 months old

five cows in good order

three yearling calves

fifteen hogs

sixty chicken

All the butter and eggs used are produced on the farm.

George ADAMS and wife are in charge of the farm and of the poor, as steward and matron, and their management of affairs shows them to be well qualified for their position. The county appropriates $700 to pay their salary and for all expenses to help. The inmates assist in all work that they are capable of doing. Another season it is calculated the expenses will be somewhat reduced, as the meat required would all be raised on the farm.

Aside from those in the poor house, the Superintendent is aiding many outside parties in the different towns. Some with homes are not able to procure all that is necessary for their comfort, and such are provided with a sack of flour, or some articles to carry them through the cold winter. There are many cases of destitution in the county, and Mr. Heerey is doing his best to render them comfortable.


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