Jennifer Fleischmann's Poorhouse Files

1.   Newspaper Article
                    Uneasy Resting at Paupers' Cemetery: Neglect leaves site shabby;
                                                                               retention pond proposal leaves future uncertain
                     by Mark Johnson    Journal Sentinel     August 19, 2000
2.   Paper 
                                [This takes a while to load but it is well worth the wait!]
                    Field of Blood - Field of the Forgotten: The Potter's Field of Milwaukee County
                              by Michael McBride    1991
3.   Jen's Photo Scrapbook

4.   Jen's website where she is transcribing and posting names and other known information about the       many people buried here.

Notice: A careful reading of the newspaper article will reflect the possibility that this poorhouse cemetery may currently be threatened.  You may wish to contact local officials to express your opinion in this matter.   PHL
Follow UP:   Good News!    Read the 10/17/2000 note from Jennifer.

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