GOOD NEWS! (and some not so good ... sigh)

Sent: Fri 10/27/00 2:00 PM
From: Jen Fleischmann [
Subject: Milwaukee County Pauper Cemetery
I was just informed that the Milwaukee County Pauper Cemetery was given back to the County Grounds Department. Milwaukee County felt they couldn't handle the care of it, so it got returned.
The grass is now kept mowed and a work day is being planned to add some dignity to the cemetery. This is good news!

I am not really sure when the cemetery got transferred over. It was sometime during this past two weeks. The work day isn't scheduled yet, it is still in the planning stages. I will let you know when a date is set.

Even though the cemetery is heading in the right direction, I also learned that the hospital (I sent a picture) is almost entirely torn down. The entrance in front is gone and they are currently taking all the asbestos out in order to tear it down. Fortunately, I got that picture of it before it was torn down. It is very sad that history is being "swept under the rug". Oh well, that means we will have to try even harder to keep the history that still exists.


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