Partial List of Residents of the Patrick County Poorhouse

from the 1870 Census of Patrick County, Virginia -- # 445

submitted by Darlene Spencer

Charles P. Anglin 22 W/M County "Poorhouse?" Va
Lindy Hines  92 B/F Pauper Va
Jacob Kennerly  68 B/M Va
Henry Smith  55 B/M Va
Sally Parr  55 W/F Va
Charlott Parr ?  35 W/F  Va
Henry Parr  1 W/M Va
Elizabeth Willard 36 W/F Va
James  Willard 3 W/M Va
Abram Willard 1 Va
Susan Hix 24 W/F Va
Amanda " 6mos Va
Susan Edwards 19 W/F  Va
Rebecca Murphy 31 W/F Va
Zachariah Murphy 1 W/M Va
Thomas Murphy 1 W/M Va

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