Kaufman County Poor Farm Graveyard

Also Known As

Kaufman County Indigent Cemetery, County Poor Farm Graveyard,  County Farm Cemetery, County Cemetery, County Graveyard, Kaufman Mexican Graveyard & Potter's Field

        History:  This site began as a burial place for indigent persons who lived on the county poor farm or for those persons who died in the county and whose identity was not known or whose family could not afford to bury them.  It is also a known burial place of prisoners from the Kaufman County Jail, bodies of persons never identified or claimed, and for epidemic victims in the 1800's and early 1900's.  Around the turn of the century it became a favored burial site for Hispanics in the county, also.  It is on land that was purchased by William Love from C A Lovejoy in 1849, pert of  the Dominico Falcon Survey. The land was inherited by William Love's son, James Love and when he died in 1865 was inherited by his wife, Eliza Jane Stephenson Love Weatherford Massey Thompson, who sold it to Kaufman County in 1883.

        Location:  in the middle of a large pasture, on a rolling hill overlooking  King's Creek, 1.7 miles from the Kaufman town square, and approximately 500 yards northeast of the highway.  Area is covered in iris and native mesquite trees.  Isolated and peaceful.  On clear days, and especially on clear nights,  the skyline of downtown Dallas can be seen, some 40 miles due west.

[Note: It is estimated that there are probably more than 100 persons buried in unmarked graves in this graveyard.]


Enumeration: 4/3/1999 Survey of Currently Existing Markers
(by Kenna Leseman & Kathey Kelley Hunt)  

 W N Anderson 
Born  Aug 15, 1866
Died  Sept 10, 1921

Large WOW monument
[Woodmen of the World]
(see photo above)

Martina M Trevino
June 15, 1910
June 11, 1934

Small concrete tombstone

Dominga Reynosa
   Nasio        Marso 21, 1920
Fallesio    Octubre 19, 1928

"Recuerdo de Padres Hermanos Esta Nina"

broken stone - laying flat:
(has been pieced together like a puzzle)

Gil Arebalo

concrete cross (top portion)
inside 5' x 10' chain link fenced area

see to the right >


Recurdo A Yldefonzo
H des Olibures

Nasio  Abr 16, 1918
Fallesio D'cmbr 4, 1918

concrete cross (base)
leaning against a mesquite tree

< see to the left


4' high concrete cross -- no name or dates
(see photograph)
Julio R Aguirre, Jr.
1902 - 1929

concrete "tomb"
(6"  thick rectangular slab over grave)


3.5' concrete obelisk -- no name or dates
(see photograph)


Names taken from a list of Known Burials
( unmarked graves -- some with temporary metal funeral home markers)

Hernandez Baley 1977-1977
Lula Faye Reschke 1945 - 1961
EL Senor Jose Menjare Died Feb 3, 1921
Simon Rubio                     1899 - 1942
Basilia M Rubio               1908 - 1944
Infinta Christeen               1977 - 1978
Jose Salazaar                     Feb 11, 1911 - Jul 23, 1977
Infant Castaneda               1978 - 1978
Guadalupe Guiterrez        1980 - 1980
Elias Tyus                         1904 - 1982
Alice Guthrie                    1913 - 1990
Joe Salasevich                  1901 - 1990
Walter Mack Jr                 Dec 25, 1915 - Jun 17, 1980
Infinte Maria                     Died Jan 21, 1978  Age 4 mos
Roberto Meniz                  1917 - 1989
Lenton Ramsey                  Feb 28, 1910- Jul 13, 1977
Sebastian Pedroza            Died Dec 31, 1977  age 24 years
Annie Bowers                   Born Aug 16, 1892  Died Aug 18, 1982
Marie Fox                         Born Nov 12, 1913 - Died Feb 16, 1978
LeRoy Frazier                    Born Feb 18, 1919 - Died Dec 23, 1981
 John Vavra                        Temporary Marker  Died 1999


Persons believed to be buried at
Kaufman County Indigent Graveyard

**NOTE: These records taken from Death Records & Obituaries

These would be persons who died while incarcerated in Kaufman County, residents of the County's Poor Farm, transients who died while in Kaufman County or persons whose families could not afford to bury them in private cemeteries.

Deaths listed as being interred at "COUNTY FARM"

Anderson, W. M.. 60 yrs- died Sep 8,1921.

Anderson, __ 75 yrs-died Nov 27,1915.

Baeija, Vladmir {w/m} 6yr, dird NW of Kauf. Apr 12,1911

Brice, Lon (w/m) 32 yrs-Aug 27,1916

Burton, Lizzie (b/f) abt 45 yrs-Nov 26,1932. Father: Tom Burton

Carrasco, Cayetano (M/m) 67 yrs-Oct 13,1932. Tiofilo & Julio Medrine Carrasco

Carr, Alonzo- (w/m) Apr 25,1857-Jan 29,1933. Informant Joe Ellis

Cato, J. F. (w/m) 78yr 4 mo-Aug 11,1906. lived & died County Farm

Coburn, Will (b/m)-xxx-Aug 25,1921

Curry, Cora (b/f) 25 yrs-Aug 17,1905, died Scurry, killed by husband Moses Curry

Curry, Moses (b/m) 30 yrs-Aug 17,1905. died Scurry-suicide

Deaton, Mary (b/f) xxx-Feb 14,1921

Gaute, Mrs. (Pauken) (w/f) 65 yrs-Jul 15,1912

Gillis, J. D. (w/m) 73 yrs-Apr 06,1916

Heidrick, Wm. (w/m) 65 yrs - Aug 01,1912. Lived and died County Farm

Hickson, Nashon (w/m) 60 yrs-Aug 6,1916

Hubbard, Voyd (b/m) 33 yrs-Feb 2,1933

Hughes, Jack (b/m) xx-Dec 17,1932

Huston, Johnnie {b/m} 45 yrs-Aug 31,1932.

Johnson, Henry (b/m) 19 yrs-Mar 4,1913, died Kaufman

Kirby, James Winfield (w/m) Aug 8,1911-bur. Feb 5,1913. Lived County Farm

Lynn, John (w/m) 73 yrs-Apr 14,1914. Lived County farm

Manning, George {b/m} 67 yr-Jul 8,1914.

Marcias, Jesus (M/m) Jul 18,1931-Aug 03,1932. Refugio & Petria Santiago Marcias.

Maze, Jasper (b/m)xxx-Jun 27,1920

Mitchell, Milas (b/m) 50 yr-Apr 5,1916

Nobles, Genie {b/m} 12yr-May _,1913.

Owens, Bee (b/f) 1892-Nov 7,1916-Will & Susan Starling Clobe

Parker, Henry (b/m) 45 yrs-Sep 8,1917

Perez, Lucy (M/f) 21 yrs-Dec 10,1931. Informant: Mrs. A. U . Puckett

Phillips, E.A. {w/m} 75 yrs?-Jun 8,1932

Richardson, Nannie (b/f) 65 yrs-Nov 30,1901. Lived County Farm

Roach, Maggie Scallens (w/f) abt 27 yrs-Apr 29,1910. Lived County Farm

Scott, Lee (w/m). 80 yrs-Aug 2,1932

Starks, Alma/Alva (b/f) 37yrs Mar 23,1913. Lived County Farm

Tate, Jesse (b/m) 30 yrs-Sep 8,1917. Lived Crandall

Todd, Jennie (w/f) 43 yrs-May 12,1912. Lived County Farm

Tucker, Walter (b/m) abt 47 yrs-Jan 27,1933

Unknown, __-found Jul 20,1931, less 1 dys old- Jul 19,1931

Williams, John (b/m) at 60yrs-May 30,1923

Young, Helen (b/f) abt 13 yrs-Jan 30,1931. Informant: LeRoy Young

Deaths listed as being Interred at "POOR FARM"

Anderson, __ (w/m) 75 yrs-Nov 27,1915

Henry, John (b/m) 64 yrs-Sep 4,1914

Land, Harold Lem (Leon?) (w/m) 5 mos-Aug 16,1906. Lived on Poor Farm

Nebus, James (w/m) 90 yrs-Aug 8,1915

Unknown, __ (w/m) 92 yrs-Feb 23,1915

Deaths listed as being Intered at "COUNTY CEMETETY"

Huston, Johnnie- 45 yrs-Aug 31,1932

Deaths listed as being Interred at "COUNTY GRAVEYARD"

Chudij, Emil (w/m)-May 30,1914-Jul 19,1914. Child of Tubri & Mary Honzas Chudij.

Nobles, Genie (b/m) 12 yrs-May ), 1913. Son of __ & Rosie

Manning, Geo. (b/m) 67 yrs-Jul 8,1914

Deaths listed as being Interred at "POTTER'S  FIELD"

Armstrong, Sarah (w/f) Tennessee Jul 02,1877-Jul 18,1927. Newton  & Eliza Fowler

Deaths listed as Interred at "KAUFMAN MEXICAN GRAVEYARD"

Alvarez, Hermelinda E.. Aug 16,1918-Oct 27,1918.  Child of Flonode & Tonyosa

Atelano, Antonio (M/m) Aug 15,1852-Oct 07,1920. Jiloneno Atilano

Quintero, Falemina (M/m) xx-Oct 10,1919. Ambrosia Quinteros

Saldina, Miguel (M/m) 23 yrs-Jan 31,1931. Nicolas Morenda. h/o Frankie Saldina

Torres, Felipe (M/f) Dec 22,1908-Feb 21,1932. Adelaido & Maria Trevino Torres

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