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Kaufman County Poor Farm
Marker Number: 11988
Marker Title: Kaufman County Poor Farm
Index Entry: Kaufman County Poor Farm
City: Kaufman
County: Kaufman
UTM Zone: 14
UTM Easting:  
UTM Northing:  
Subject Codes:  
Year Marker Erected: 1997
Designations: na
Marker Location: SH 34, 1.5 mi S of Kaufman
Marker Size: 18" x 28"
Repairs Completed:  
Marker Text: As did many Texas counties of the era, Kaufman County created a poor farm in 1883 in orderr to provide the indigent residents and faamilies of the area with food, shelter, and medicine. This work program replaced earlier relief efforts. All able-bodied persons were required to work, including resident guards and county inmates convicted of minor crimes who were originally brought from the jail daily for labor; by 1893 they were housed on the farm. In the 1930s the farm was used to demonstrate new agricultural techniques. Usually filled to capacity, the farm operated until the 1970s. By 1997. a cemetery and a few buildings remained. (1997)

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