1880 Letter From the Wife of the Superintendent of Grayson County Poor Farm

My interest and information is from the other side of the poorhouse situation. These were my grandmother's maternal grandparents,  James and Martha Catherine (Red) Weems.  James Weems seems to have been superintendent of the Grayson County Poor Farm for a while, but I have no idea whether they were there longer than the year mentioned. I was given copies of several letters in the possession of descendents of her brother, George M. Red, including the one that includes this section.
         Elaine Oakes
Sherman, Texas
Dec. 6th, 1880

My Dear Mattie,

     I expect you are looking for a reply to your last letter so I will try and write a few lines tonight if my eyes do not fail me. I have been so busy and it has been so cold and wet that I thought I would wait until I got through with my work before writing. I have quilted five comforts this  winter and am almost through with my winter sewing. We are all very well at present. My health has been better for the last few months.
     Well Mattie,  I know that you will be very much surprised when I tell you that we will move next Monday to the Poor Farm. Jimmie is appointed superintendant of the farm. They pay him four hundred and sixty ($460) dollars and feed the family. We will have a very nice and comfortable home to live in. Jimmie will not have to work. The boys can go to school all year. This is why I consented to go. I do not like the idea of going at all but -- as Jimmie thinks it best  -- I will try it this year. I will not have any thing to do in the affairs there....

Your Affectionate

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