the Poorhouse Story


the Poorhouse Story



  "I'll watch our census records and try to list the people who were housed in our HAYWOOD Co. Tn. Poorhouse.  We called it the County Farm & Poorhouse and have heard it referred to as the Po'house! 
     It was located about a mile from my home and I remember  visiting there with my parents when I was a child.  My cousins, Guy and Vera Morris Harrell, were in charge at that time.  I always liked to visit the large building where the "poor people" or paupers lived as well as those who had no one to care for them in their old age.
     At that time, it was not too unlike some of our "nursing homes" today.  My cousin Vera took very good care of those living there, even making clothes for them.  She took a personal interest in them.  
     For a number of years, I've tried to locate a list of those buried there but to date have had no luck.  Don't even know where they buried them.  The last ones who were in charge and lived there until about15 years ago did not know either and they had been there since, probably, the 1950's.
     Our county jail is there today, a new modern facility and I believe the "poorhouse" has been torn down." 
                     Submitted by Reese J. Moses-S. reese@pchnet.com


the Poorhouse Story



the Poorhouse Story

the Poorhouse Story

We are hoping to build this base of information about the poorhouse in Haywood county through the helpful participation of readers. All are requested to submit items of interest by sending e-mail to The Poorhouse Lady.

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