Poor house cost county $15* per person in 1912

This is another historical article on Anderson County and her people.  July 7, 1983.

By Katherine B. Hoskins
County Historian

Part IV -- conclusion         p. 405 & 406

     In January 1904, the Knoxville, LaFollette & Jellico Railroad (which later became the L&N line) purchased a right-of-way through the poor farm for $1,250.  This money went into the county treasury and helped make some needed improvements on the farm.
     In 1906, hides from six slaughtered beef cattle were sold, and proceeds went to buy groceries.  In 1909, 100 acres of woodland were fenced at a cost of $190.
     This land was used as range for stock where 40 hogs were being raised to sell.
     The County Court requested the commissioners to give a detailed report each quarter of accounts and activities so the citizens of the county would have an idea of what was being accomplished by running a poor farm.
     In 1912, it was estimated that $15* per quarter would keep one inmate.
     A 10-year-old boy moved to the poor farm with his father in 1915.  He was bright and well behaved, and the commissioners moved him to a state educational institution.
     In 1920, the county Finance Committee, composed of S. M. Leath, J. H. Underwood and Laura Gamble, reported that the poor farm had $3,618.98 to its credit.  They stated they audited the books as prescribed by law, and found them in good condition.  Each superintendent, when appointed, was required to make a $500 bond, properly secured.
     It was inevitable that as the depression years continued, the number of poor house inmates rapidly increased.  For example, in 1931 there were 13 inmates, in 1932, 17, 1933, 33, 1935, 36 and 1937, 41.
     Although the poor farm continued for several decades, the various local, state and federal relief programs began to care for many needy persons who formerly had been cared for at the poor farm.  However, there were always some who did not qualify for any of the jobs or relief programs.
     It is always interesting to review the names of the commissioners and superintendents who kept the farm going for so many years.


Calvin Adkins 1854-68
John Allen 1874-89
George Baker 1863-64
Joseph Black 1845-46
J. H. Blair 1947-48
H. B. Bowling 1862-63
Hamilton Bridges 1957-63
T. S. Brown 1906-15
G. B. Carden 1888-89
John Chiles 1845-54
James Clark 1864-67
J. H. Copeland 1926-29
W. C. Copeland 1956-63
John M. Coward 1906-09
T. J. Coward 1874-81
James H. Cox 1867-68
R. O. Cox 1926-30
E. C. Cox 1906-10
J. M. Cross 1926-30
R. H. Doane 1922-23
W. E. Doane 1935-36
W. R. Dail 1870-75
E. C. Edwards 1864-67
Hugh Farmer 1936-57
Levi Foster 1910-13
W. A. Freels 1914-23
John M. Gamble 1909-10
Hugh Garner 1888-95
Charlie Gilliam 1937-41
W. A. Goldston 1890-1907
James Hall 1854-55
J. R. Hanes 1889-95
C. M. Harrington 1925-29
Jeff Hendren 1886-1906
M. M. Hibbs 1884-85
Geo. P. Hoskins 1878-81
Oliver Hoskins 1878-81
John Jarnigan 1845-54
John Key 1854-55
Ritchey Kincaid 1862-63
T. S. Kincaid 1880-89
C. R. Laughter 1895-96
G. B. R. Lea 1890-1901
John Leinart 1863-64
S. D. Leinart 1854-55
Elisha Long 1864-66
C. R. Lowe 1888-95
J. B. Loy 1949-59
J. B. Margrave 1909-14
E. D. Marshall 1902-07
J. A. McKarney 1910-11
John Milligan 1854-55
Francis Moore 1961-62
James Moore 1854-55
S. L. Moore 1870-94
Richard Oliver 1854-55
F. R. Overton 1935-37
S. B. Overton 1931-34
W. L. Owen 1903-21
William Peak 1845-54
C. N. Peoples  1929-35
A. E. Peters 1929-32
T. J. Prosise? 1868-94
J. W. Pyatt 1933-38
John Rayfield 1947-57
P. R. Stuck 1939-45
S. S. Tadlock 1915-23
Albert Taylor 1946-47
Arvel Taylor 1891-1902
William Tunnell 1845-54
Milas D. Wallace 1863-64
W. W. Wallace 1863-64
I. H. White 1886-88
J. H. Whitson 1888-89
S. C. Young 1954-55
Note:  We suspect that the names below are the names of Superintendents.  Although this is not stated in the article, the list  is presented as a separate alphabetical list and contains the names of superintendent's named as such elsewhere in the author's articles. PHL
We have asterisked(*) those below who also appear in the list above.
T. W. Burchell 1908-09
Hugh Cox 1896
S. L. Crawford 1907
Rufus M. Dew 1895-98
J. M. Gamble (*?) 1909-13
S. H. Johnston 1923-37
John Key (*) 1855
H. L. Lay 1939-45
J. B. Margrave (*) 1909-10
L. A. May 1946-63
John R. Moore 1913-22 
Fletcher Overton (*?) 1934-36
J. W. Overton 1938-39
J. W. Pyatt (*)  1904-06
William Raines 1880-87
Charlie Rose 1928-29
Simon Scarbrough 1912
Ezekial Taylor 1855-59
D. N. Webster 1890-1908
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