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Anderson County
Historical Sketches
by Katherine Baker Hoskins

This excellent book contains reprints of newspaper articles
by this former Anderson County Historian.

Pellissippi Genealogical & Historical Society
Submitted by:  Joan Davis Wilson Contact above for book
purchase information.


Date of Publication


Book Page(s)
09/23/1976 Many types of aid provided
County has aided needy since it was year old
Part 1 
09/30/1976 Second poor house built in 1895
Apprentice indenture was method of caring for indigent
Part 2 
10/7/1976 Operation ended in 1963
Efforts made to put poor farm on self-supporting basis
Part 3 

Note:  We are uncertain whether the above series of poor relief articles was continued 
(in the newspaper or in the book) -- but these appear to be the ones which dealt with poorhouse history.  


Note: We do not currently have access to the earlier articles in this particular series;
but we assume these must have dealt with subjects other than poorhouse history.

06/30/1983 First poor farm purchased, superintendent appointed
Part 3
07/07/1983 Poor house cost county $15 per person in 1912
Part 4


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