1880 Census    PENNSYLVANIA      WAYNE County

Berlin, PA                                              Texas Twnp                   Poor House                                  p.17
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Column Headings:
Given Name
Marital Status = S(ingle) M(arried) W(idowed)
Relationship to Head of House

(eaf & Dumb)
Maimed, crippled, disabled = Otherwise Maimed, crippled or disabled

= Place of Birth
= Father's POB
= Mother's POB

Surname     Given          R    S    A    S    M   W   Rel. to Head      B    D    I     I     R    W         POB           Father             Mother

Pruwitt        Jacob          W   M   58         X          Keeper                                                        NJ              NJ                    NJ

Pruwitt        Tathali         W   F    53         X          Wife                                                            PA             CT                    NJ

Wheeler      Harriet         W   F    82               X    Mother-in-law                                              NJ              NJ                    NJ

Biship         George        W   M   45   X                Other                                                          PA              NJ                    NJ

Biship         Philip          W   M   18   X                Other                                                          PA              PA                    PA

Mahen        Amanda      W   F    20   X                Servant                                                       PA              France              PA

Tuback        Peter          W   M   70               X    Inmate                                                        Prussia       Prussia             Prussia

Lorven         John           W   M   30   X                Inmate                          X          X    X          PA              Blank                 Blank

McLinden    Archbald     W   M   66   X                Inmate              X                                        Scotland     Scotland             Scotland

Conley        John           W   M   64         X          Inmate                    X                                  Ireland         Ireland               Ireland

McGary       James         W   M   28   X                Inmate                                X                      PA              Ireland              Ireland

Moore         James         W   M   68               X    Inmate                                                        PA              CT                    PA

Kinney        John           W   M   63   X                Inmate                                      X    X          Ireland         Ireland               Ireland

Robinson     Catherine    W   F    44               X    Inmate   Maimed,crippled,disabled     X          Ireland         Ireland             Ireland

Metmore     Mary           W   F    36   X                Inmate                                X                      Prussia       Prussia            Prussia

Robinson     William       W   M   18   X                Inmate                    X                X    X          PA              Ireland              Ireland

Robinson     Martin         W   M   11   X                Inmate                                            X          PA              Ireland              Ireland

Robinson     Katy           W   F    15   X                Inmate                                                        PA              Ireland             Ireland

Schoonover William       W   M   88               X    Inmate                                      X    X          PA                NJ                  NJ

Vaughan     Mary           W   F    78               X    Inmate                                      X    X          Ireland         Ireland             Ireland

Lawles        Anna           W   F    93   X                Inmate                                                        Ireland         Ireland            Ireland

Valentine     Johanas      W   M   58               X    Inmate  Maimed,crippled,disabledX    X          Bavaria        Bavaria           Bavaria

Bernstein    Lena           W   F    36         X          Inmate                                X                       NY              Blank              Blank

McGlothlen  Martin         W   M   38   X                Inmate                                X                      PA              Ireland            Ireland

Goodencrouse ChristianaW  F    73               X    Inmate                                      X    X           PA              Blank              Blank

McGlothlen  Mary           W   F    28   X                Inmate                          X          X    X          PA              Ireland            Ireland

McGlothlen  Elizabeth     W   F    11mos              Inmate                                                        PA              PA                 Ireland


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