Geographic Notes -- Lowrytown [Carbon County Home] Poorhouse

submitted by: Colleen   -- who commented:

"Here are three responses to my inquiry about Lowrytown and the Poor Houes in Carbon County. There are so many great people on these lists! I checked my PA map and an atlas for the Larrytown mentioned but had no luck. Of course, there are many tiny towns/villages in this area which sprang up when the coal industry was in its heyday.  Weatherly  (which is mentioned below) is near Jim Thorpe."
According to the information on a website with a biography of Sophia Georgianna (Fisher) Coxe,
a philanthropist who supported this poorhouse -- "[She] was also involved in the former Laurytown Poor House, which evolved into the Carbon County home."
"I think that the town is Laurytown, which is east of Weatherly. My father often spoke of the "poor farm" there, and I think that as a young man, he worked there one summer. If you look for it on one of the Geodetic Survey "topo" maps, I think there the name is "Larrytown". I don't know if there is still a community of any sort there."
     George Feissner,
"I, too, have been looking for information about the poor farm at Lowrytown. It is my understanding that it was in Carbon County, possibly near Weatherly, Pa.  No one seems to know much about the history of this poor house, except that it was once called the Middle Coal Field Poor House. Someone has mentioned that the newspaper in Lehighton did an article about the history of this poor house. I have looked through the Internet archives of the Lehighton newspaper and have also emailed folks at the newspaper office, but I can't get anyone to return my email about this....."
"The building no longer stands, just their cemetery. All the burials are marked with simple white crosses. Most have no name on them at all."

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