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From Almshouse To Asylum: Orphans In Allegheny County   A Pathfinder
(This is a wonderful website which tells the history of the care of poor or orphaned children in Pennsylvania. It traces the change in practice from placing children in almshouses through the establishment of orphanages. There are good links to sites which may help readers find more information about orphan recordsPHL )
The listing of the staff and all the inmates of the 
Philadelphia Almshouse in Blockley Township
for the 1850 Census 
can be found in's   "Images Online" -- We cannot provide a link because this is a subscription service.  However we can describe where to find the listing.  Many public libraries subscribe to the service.  So, even if you cannot afford to subscribe at home, you may be able to access this data in your local community.

There are apparently 142 images in this section.  The Almshouse starts with image 94 which contains the first part of the staff list.  That staff list continues on image 95 where the list of inmates begins.  Those pages with the rest of the inmates continue through image 141.  (By the way, the listing for the Almshouse is immediately preceded by "The Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insain [sic]" which ends with image 93.

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