Holdings Listed by the Oregon State Archives

The Oregon State Archives website ( http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/ ) has a very impressive "Historical County Records Guide" (http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/pages/records/local/county/index.html) which includes: a "Quick Link to the records inventories" at (http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/pages/records/local/county/inventories.html)  We searched each county under the section titled Pension and Relief Records to find the following entries. (The counties where we have placed "---" to the right in the table below had no listings which sounded like they pertained to a poorhouse itself.)  However, there are many types of entries for records of various other types of "poor relief" listed. Many of these could provide a wealth of genealogical information but are outside the scope of The POORHOUSE STORY website. This archives website is rather unique in that it includes not only holdings at the state archives facility ... but also the holdings at the local community level with a great deal of specificity as to where they are located.
Note: It seems possible that among those records mentioned above (which do not seem to refer to poorhouses) there may be some which actually did involve poorhouse type arrangements. The problem involves the fact that there does not seem to have been much uniformity or standardization in the terminology used to identify poorhouses in Oregon. PHL
Baker ---
Benton ---
Clackamas ---
Clatsop ---
Columbia ---
Coos County Courthouse, Clerk's Vault:
Record of Commitments and Discharges at the County Infirmary, 1926-1930 (1 volume).
[Note: In several states the county poorhouse was referred to as an "infirmary"; but we are not yet certain whether or not this was so in Oregon. PHL ]
Crook ---
Curry ---
Deschutes ---
Douglas ---
Gilliam ---
Grant County Courthouse, Basement Vault:
Bids For Care of County Paupers, 1885-1901 (.10 cu.ft.);
[Note: This probably indicates that there was no poorhouse, but instead there must have been a system of  "contracting" to have paupers cared for in private home(s).  PHL ]
Harney ---
Hood River ---
Jackson ---
Jefferson County Public Works Department Office, Vault (Madras):
Farm Name Register [actually serves as a widow's pension ledger], 1915-1917 (1 volume);
[Note: This might imply that there was a standard form...book?...used for county poor farms which, in this case, was adapted for another use. PHL ]
Josephine County Historical Society (Grants Pass):
County Home Reports [of Superintendent of County Home], 1914-1939 (.25 cu.ft.). 
Klamath ---
Lake ---
Lane County Historical Museum, Archives (Eugene):
[Annual Report of Lane County Farm-Poor], 1912, 1915-1916, 1918-1919 (.10 cu.ft.);
Judge Fisk Files [Lane County Poor Farm Reports], 1932 (.05 cu.ft.);
Lincoln ---
Linn ---
Malheur ---
Marion ---
Morrow ---
Ford Building, Multnomah County Records Center:
Admissions Register Index Edgefield Manor, 1900-1908 (1 volume);
County Farm Record [Register], no. 1800-11631, 1913-1937 (2 volumes);
Discharged and Expired Residents [Edgefield Manor Register Cards], ca.1931-ca.1973 (2 cu.ft.);
Hospital Record [Register-includes care of poor and indigent], no. 1-1799, 1900-1912 (3 volumes);
[Multnomah County Farm Register], 1926-1942 (1 volume);
Register [County Farm], no. 11632-15584, 1937-1954 (1 volume).
Polk ---
Sherman ---
Tillamook ---
(for Umatilla County)
Oregon State Archives:
County Hospital Poor Farm Account Book, 1897-1900 (1 volume);
Poor Farm Reports, 1908-1924 (.50 cu.ft.);
Union ---
Wallowa ---
Wasco ---
Washington ---
Wheeler ---
Yamhill ---

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