Washington County Infirmary – 1850
Marietta twp, Ohio
Extracted from the 1850 Federal Population Census

Submitted by Sheri Sharpnack Siebold

Name Age Place of Birth Occupation or Condition Cannot Read/Write
Josiah Hannold 58 New Jersey Supt. of Infirmary  
Patience Hannold 57 ditto wife  
Julia Hannold 16 PA    
Hannah McKinney 18 OH    
Elizabeth Walker 23 Maryland    
Amasa C. Grant 53 Vermont pauper  
Eliza. J. Grant 34 Louisiana ditto  
Susan Johnson 24 VA ditto  
Alfred Carver 50 OH insane  
Betsey A. Cook 44 Vermont insane  
Betsey Tilson 73 Mass. pauper  
W_althy Alcock 67 Conneticut Insane  
William Graham 44 Ireland insane  
Joel Smith 68 New York blind  
Jonathan Tutley 74 New York pauper  
Timothy Baughen? 36 New Jersey pauper X
Ellius Holsey 46 VA ditto X
Nancy Clinton 79 Ireland ditto X
John Baker 80 Mass blind  
Sarah A. Crawford 55 VA pauper X
Margaret Stine 36 PA ditto  
Susan Coles 74 VA ditto  
Elizabeth Daniels 27 PA ditto  
Pamela Daniels 11/12 OH ditto  
Anna Klingerworth 36 Germany insane  
Percilla Patterson 23 OH pauper  
Betsey Andersen 69 PA ditto X
Hannah Prestin 37 OH ditto  
Elizabeth Prestin 2 OH ditto  
Mary Bron (Brown?) 39 OH ditto  
Albert Bron/Brown 7 OH ditto  
Eliz. Bron/Brown 2 OH ditto  
Lorvana Bron/Brown 11/12 OH ditto  
John Flecker 8 OH ditto  
William C. Hall 43 OH ditto X
Angeline McPherson 21 unknown insane  
Sally Sylvest 70 VA insane  
Henry Springer 14 OH pauper  
Mary Bowing? 17 OH ditto  
Mary Bowing 6/12 OH ditto  
Hiram Burkiele 32 Germany insane  
Latta Russel   PA pauper  
Ann Wood 84 unknown ditto  
Elizabeth Haskins 91 Germany ditto  
Harvey Fetcher 4 OH ditto  
Martin Fetcher 1 OH ditto  
Susan McKibben 1 ? OH pauper  
George Ogle 65 Ireland laborer/ pauper  
Sarah Williams 28 OH pauper  
Lorenzo Williams 7 OH ditto  
Anna Williams 5 OH ditto  
Elizabeth Ridman 28 OH ditto  
Charlotte Bassie 44 OH insane  

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