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Excerpts of portions dealing with Infirmary (poorhouse) Records

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Superintendent of the County Home
     The Seneca County board of commissioners took up the question of establishing an infirmary as early as June 7, 1841, but it was not until March 18, 1854, that a decision was reached as to a site for the home. The institution is located on State Route 100 , two and a half miles south of Tiffin, Ohio. It's 251.96 acres represent three purchases of farmland. For a time the original farm buildings were used. The first new building erected was the main building of an every growing group of useful structures. All are of brick except the barns, chicken houses, and hog houses. An extensive remodeling program was undertaken in 1935 as a WPA project. The program included additions, remodeling, redecorating, and general renovation. Included in the project were fireproofing, heating, plumbing, electrical work, waterproofing, and painting. The Seneca Home, at present, has a capacity of 90 inmates. There are now domiciled within it's comfortable quarters a total of 84 persons who call it their home.

All records are located in the superintendent's office, county home, State Route 100, Tiffin, Ohio, unless otherwise specified.
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Housing, Care, and Accessibility of the Records
County Home.
The institution is situated on state route 100, two and a half miles from Tiffin, Ohio. A few of the older records are located in the auditors vault. The other records are located in the superintendents office at the county home.
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County Commissioners --  Reports
      3. COMMISSIONERS' INFIRMARY JOURNAL, 1913-33. 1 Vol. (1). 1934-36 in
          Commissioners' Journal, entry; 1 1937 in Journal County Home and
          Tubercular Hospital, entry 4.
Minutes and record of proceedings of county commissioners organized as board of infirmary directors, consisting of copies of resolutions and motions proposed and acted on, record of bills and claims approved for payment, showing date and place of meeting, names of members present, record of yea
and nay votes, names of creditors, amount of bill, for what, and voucher number. Arr. chron. by dates of meetings. Indexed alph. by names of creditors, principals of subjects. Typed. 600 pp. 18 X 12 X 3. State
examiner's ofc.
      For prior county home record, see entry 514

Minutes and records of proceedings of county commissioners relative to administration of tuberculosis hospital, consisting of copies of resolutions and motions proposed and acted on, appointment of superintendent of hospital rules and regulations governing operations of hospital, approval of bills and
claims filed, showing date and place of meeting, names of members present, record of yea and nay votes, names of appointees, name of creditors, amount of bill, for what, and voucher number. Also contains Commissioner's Infirmary Journal, entry 3. Arr. chron. by dates of meetings. No index. Typed 600 pp.
16 X 11 X 3. Comm. main ofc.
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     9.  REPORTS, COUNTY HOME, 1913--.   In County Home entry 25.
Copies of superintendent's annual reports to division of charities, department of public welfare, and to county commissioner, showing year, itemized list of expenditures for salaries, medical services, medicines,
groceries, fuel, light, dry goods, live stock, burial expense, new equipment, and structure; itemized receipts from sale of farm produce, or contribution towards inmates' expense by relatives; roster of inmates showing name, age, sex, color, physical and mental condition; and nativity; signature of superintendent and date filed.
         For superintendent's copies, see entry 516.
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Superintendent of the County Home -- Minutes and Reports; Case Records, Financial Records, Inventories

(Minutes and Reports)

514. JOURNAL, 1900-1912. 1 Vol. Discontinued; board of infirmary directors abolished.
Minutes of board infirmary directors consisting of resolutions, motions, orders, and approvals of appointments relative to administration of infirmary affairs, showing date and place of meeting, names of members present, title and text of resolution, motions and orders, record of yea and nay votes, names and appointees, to what position, and appointments made by superintendent. Arr. chron. by dates of meetings. Indexed alph. by subject or names of principals. Hdw. 600 pp.16 X 11 X 3.C. C., aud. vlt. 
     For subject journal of county home, see entry 3.

515. DAILY MOVEMENT OF POPULATION, 1933---. 6 vols. prior record missing. 
Daily record of movement of population, showing day of month, number of males and females on hand at beginning of day, number received during day, number discharged during day with totals in each group; also average and total for month; each page is one month's record and at bottom of page is shown the number continuously present during the month, number of deaths during the month and number of persons received who were former inmates; the record also shows number of males, females, and total of numbers in each classification. One page in back of book has summary of the last year by months, showing daily average of inmates, number received during each month and number discharges each month: also number of deaths each month with name of deceased and date of death. Arr. chron. by months and days. No Index. Hdw. on forms. Aver. 12 pp. 14 X 9 X 1/4

Copies of superintendent's annual reports to the state division of charities, department of public welfare, showing date of report, all expenditures and receipts, expenses for new equipment and structures, improvements, general statistics covering inmates, analysis of inmates as to age, physical and mental condition, nativity and color, a statement of amount expended for outside relief for careof indigents outside of home; includes inventory giving total number of acres, acres of improved land, estimated value of land, estimated value of land, buildings, furniture, livestock, and machinery. Arr. chron. by years. No Index. Typed on p. f. 10 X 4 1/2 X 13 1/2. 
     For commissioners' copies, see entry 9


517. RECORDS OF INMATES, 1856---. 3 Vols. (1-3).
Register of indigents admitted to county home, showing, 1856-81, brief case history of inmate, name, from what township admitted, names, relationship and addresses of relatives, cause if indigency, previous occupation and habits, age, sex, color, physical and mental condition, nativity, date admitted, and date discharged, or died; register of admissions, 1881---, showing date of admission, name, age, birth date, birth place; sex, color, nativity, from what town or township admitted, physical and mental condition, and date of discharge 
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or death. 1856- 81 . arr. chron. by dates of entries; 1881 arr. alph by names of inmates. 1856-81, indexed by names of inmates; 1881---, no index. Hdw. on form. Aver. 575 pp. 18 X 13 X 3.

518. CERTIFICATE OF INDIGENCY, 1900---. 1 f. b.
Original certificates if indigency filed by township trustees certifying that named persons are unable to provide and care for themselves and are making application for admission to county home, showing date of certificate, name of town, name of indigent, age, sex, color, name of relatives, how long resided in township, place of residence before locating in county, date of last relief provided, cause of indigency, care required if any, and signature of township trustee. Arr. chron. by dates of certificates. No Index. Hdw. on p. f. 5 X 4 1/2 X 9.


521. LEDGER, 1912-26 1 Vol.
Superintendents' record of income of inmates from outside sources, showing date of entry, name of inmate, from what source or from whom received, amount, and for what purpose used. Arr. alph. by names of inmates and chron. thereunder by dates of entries. No Index. Hdw. on forms. 152 pp. 
14 X 9 X 1. C.C. Aud. Vlt.

522. DAY BOOK, 1886-1921. 4 Vols.
Superintendents' record of supplies and materials purchased, showing date purchased, item, unit price, from whom purchased, and total cost. Arr. chron. by dates purchased. No Index. Hdw. on forms. Aver. 275 pp. 14 X 9 X 1 1/2 C.C. Aud. Vlt.

523. CASH BOOK, 1886- 1912. 6 Vols.
Superintendents' record of farm crops, produce, and livestock produced, showing date of entry, item, number of bushels or pounds or number of heads of livestock, amount of each consumed at institutions, values, amount of each sold,

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cash credit, total credit for year, number of meals served each year, and average monthly registration. Arr. 275 pp. 14 X 9 X 1 1/2. Aud. Vlt.


Records of annual inventory of county infirmary equipment and furnishings, showing date equipment and livestock received, total value of equipment, and livestock, from whom purchased, description of property, purchase price, number of acreage, value of farm lands, value of buildings, and total value of farm lands and buildings. Arr. chron. by dates of entries. No Index. Hdw. Aver. 150 pp. 
5 1/2 X 11 1/2 X 1/2. Aud. Vlt. 
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Roster of County Officials
Infirmary Directors*                                                                                              
Andrew Lugenbeel                                 1856-1865
John Kerr                                              1856- 1858
                         (Resigned in August)
Daniel Brown                                         1856-1859
Jonas Hampshire                                    1858-1861
                            (Vice John Kerr)
Thomas Swander                                    1859-1861
George C. Christlip                                 1861-1865
Barney Zimmerman                                 1861-1868
                            (Resigned in January)
Harrison Noble                                       1866-1871
Eden Lease                                             1866-1871
Uriah P. Conrad                                     1868-1873
                          (Vice Barney Zimmerman)
Jesse Weirick                                                  1872
                            (Died in December)
Peter Heafling                                         1872-1877
George W. Bachman                                        1873
                             (Appointed in January)
Charles Mutchler                                    1874-1876
John Britt                                                1874-1880 Lewis Spitler                                           1877-1882
George Hepler                                        1878-1882
                             (Resigned in May)
George B. Acker                                        1882
                         (Appointed in May)
 Joseph E Magers
James Saunders
William H. Kline
Daniel Metzger
John Rheinbolt
William King
John Roller
Emanuel Fisher
                              (Died in May)
Elmer Fisher
                           (Appointed in May)
John L. Arnold
George R. Huss
James H. Bowser
                (Office declared
                       vacant in September)
John Y. Gahris
John Krupp
Frank P. Sherman
          (Appointed in September)
Frank P. Sherman
James T.
Williams                               1904-1906
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Lewis Hufford                                        1904-1906
Daniel B. Crissel                                     1905-1907
David H. Good                                       1907-1909
John Staib                                               1907-1909
Samuel Dreitzler                                1908-1913
John R. Jewett
David Auble

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excerpted and transcribed by: Barbara Zerkel -- Jan 2001
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