Note: The following was kindly submitted by 

Martha Dykes, Editor
Ottawa Co. Genealogical Society

who wrote:

"I have attached an Excel file with a listing of inmates who are buried in the cemetery located at what is now called Riverview Nursing Home (formerly the Ottawa Co. Home and earlier the Ottawa Co. Infirmary).  The list was compiled in 1975 by the Ottawa Co. Genealogical Society."

We are very grateful to her for sharing this information.  PHL

Gravestone Inscriptions from Ottawa County Home Cemetery
Located in Salem Township, Ottawa County, Ohio
St. Rt. 1631/4 mile west of Co. Rd 104
This list was compiled in 1975 by the Ottawa Co. Genealogical Society

The Ottawa Co. Home was formerly the Ottawa County Infirmary

Any records kept prior to 1935 are missing and there are 20 burials for whom there is no name.
Stones were apparently used up through 1951 and then the practice was discontinued.
From 1937 - 1950 there were no burials according to the records and there are no stones that would indicate deaths during this period, so apparently there were no burials made during that time. Not all inmates who died at the county home were buried there.

Bauman, Charles (has a stone) b. 1853 d. 1928  
Frank, Paul (has a stone)   d. 1935 age 71y
Repp, George (has a stone)   d. 1936 age 51y
Reamy, Wilfred (has a stone)   d. 1936 age 83y
Jeremy, Ben (has a stone)   d. 1936 age 82y
Asbury, Clem (has a stone)   d. 1936 age 81y
Rosina, Andy (has a stone)   d. 1936 age 66y
Sherman, Scott (has a stone)   d. 1937  
Deacon, Arthur (has a stone)   d. 1937  
Mullen, Frank (has a stone)   d. 1937 age 63y
Leonard, Richard (has a stone)   d. 1937  
Hevener, Perry (has a stone)   d. 1950  
Kouch, John (has a stone)   d. 1950  
Baddock, Paul (has a stone)   d. 5/12/1950/53  
Holdridge, Leonard A. (has a stone)   d. 1951  
Conners, James Dewey (has a stone)   d. 1951  
Wilson, Charles (has a stone)   d. 1951  
Meyer, Emil (has a stone)   d. 12/25/1951  
Fat, Fairport (has a stone)   d. 1951  
Kocsis, Joseph   d. 1952  
Cesnak, Paul   d. 1952  
Bowman, Edwin D. b. 1890 d. 5/12/1953 drowned in Bay
Schaffer, Lester   d. 1954  
Yeisley, Charles   d. 1954  
Kriska, Samuel   d. 1954  
Collins, Timothy   d. 11/10/1954  
Cavanaugh, Robert Ellu   d. 1954  
Sipos, Charles   d. 1954  
O'Comell/O'Connel, Pat   d. 1958  
Rodrequez, Ignaico   d. 1959  
Burgess, Richard   d. 1960  
Lossing, Marie Olive   d. 1960  
West, Albert (Columbus, Ohio)   d. 1961 age 68 y
Duncan, Scotty   d. 1961  
Rahm, Betty   d. 1962  
Grass, Cecil b. 3/18/1907 d. 10/23/1962 Pvt. U.S. Army, W. Va.
Booher, John   d. 1963  
Glavin, infant   d. 1963  
Beanardo, (Allen woman)   d. 1965  
Newcomb, Joe   d. 1967  
Von Den Brooke, Maurice   d. 1967  
Benson, Louis   d. 1967  
Gallagher, Martin "Sport"   d. 1969  
Lewis, Gerald J. (funeral marker) b. 1901 bur. 12/7/1971  
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