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October 1941
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Excerpts of portions dealing with Infirmary (poorhouse) Records

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Superintendent of the County Home

     The original county home of Lake County consisted of the ordinary farm buildings on a farm purchased at a cost of $4,000 in 1852, and the first inmate was admitted in that year.  The site of 116 acres situated on Riverside Road has been subsequently added to until the present farm comprises 190 acres, of which 125 are tillable. 

   The contract for the present building was let in 1876, at $30,000.  It consisted of a two-story brick building, with administration accommodations in the front and rooms for the inmates in the rear.  The original farm buildings were left standing and have been in use ever since the farm was purchased.  The plant has since been enlarged and modernized.  In 1897 a cottage hospital was added at a cost of $1421.95.  Since 1924, however, when  Lake County Memorial Hospital was built, inmates of the institution are taken there when their condition is such that they cannot be adequately cared for in the county home hospital.  A fire escape was put on the main building in 1898.
                                                                                                                                             p. 191

   The home is administered by a superintendent and a matron, who are aided by a staff of six assistants.  The superintendent is bonded for $5,000, and his salary has been set at $1,950 annually.  The aggregate annual compensation of  the staff for 1941 is $5,490.91.  In 1940 the total appropriation made by the commissioners for maintaining the county home was $14,540. 

   Religious services are supplied to the inmates by inviting preachers of different denominations in succession to perform services for them. 

   The advent of old age pensions has not greatly affected the population of the county home since a large number of the inmates are foreigners who would not in any case be eligible. 

All records are located in the office at the county home, Riverside Drive and Route 84, Painesville, Ohio.


401.  REGISTER OF INMATES, 1852--.   2 vols.  Title varies:  Record of 
         Paupers in the Lake County Infirmary, 1852-94, 1 vol.

Record of persons admitted to the institution, showing date admitted, name, age, sex, color, native of, transported by, reason for admittance, date discharged, transferred, or date of death, where transferred, where buried, case history, and remarks.  Arr. chron. by dates of admittances.  1852-94, indexed alph. by names of inmates;  1895--, no index.  1852-94 hdw.; 1895--, hdw. on p. f.  Aver. 300 pp. 14 x 9-1/2 x 1-1/2.

402.  DAILY MOVEMENT OF INMATES, 1926-- 1 file folder.

Daily record of admissions and discharges of inmates, showing date admitted, date discharged, total days spent at infirmary, number of inmates at beginning of day, male and female, total number received during day, number discharged or died during day, number discharge or died during day, total average for month, number of males and females continuously present for entire month, number of deaths during month, number received who were former inmates.  Arr. chron. by dates of entries.  No index.  Hdw. on p. f. 9 x 11-1/2 x 1/2.

403.  REPORT TO DIVISION OF AID FOR AGED (Division of Charities),1923-, 
1 file folder.  Initiated 1923.

Financial reports of county infirmary to state division of charities, showing dates covered, itemized expenditures, amount for each listed item, total, gross cost per capita, net cost per capita, estimated total value of farm products, total acreage of farm, number of acres improved, amount spent for improvements, number of inmates, male, female, total, ages, color, place of nativity, physical and mental condition; also inventory of furnishings and equipment, with total value last year, and total value this year.  Arr. chron. by dates of reports.  No index.  Hdw. on p. f. 9 x 11-1/2 x 1/2. 

                                                                                                                                                  p. 192

 404.  REQUISITIONS, 1923--.  4 vols.

Copies of requisitions to county commissioners for materials and supplies, showing date of requisition, requisition number, purpose, quantity, unit description, unit price, amount, order number, and code number.  Arr. chron. by dates of requisitions and also num. by requisition nos.  No index.  Hdw. on p. f.  Aver. 100 pp. 7-1/2 x 8-1/2 x 1/4.

 405.  PETTY CASH, 1923--.  1 vol.  Initiated 1923.

Daily record of money paid out from superintendent's office fund, showing date of entry, to whom paid, for what purpose, amount, and total.  Arr. chron. by dates of entries.  No index.  Hdw. 300 pp. 10-1/2 x 8-1/2 x 1-1/2.

 406.  CLASSIFIED RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES,1908--.  4 vols. (1-4).
          Initiated 1908.

Record of money received and expended by infirmary; receipts, showing date received, from whom, for what purpose, whether from inmates or friends of inmates, names of persons donating money from Lake County or other counties, and from sources other than county treasurer, total receipts, payments into county treasury for infirmary use; also distribution of money received for purchase of farm stock, implements, produce, and other infirmary expenses by classification, showing date of entry, to whom expended, purpose expended, classified as salary of superintendent, matron, day laborers, repairs, provisions, fuel and light, clothing and footwear, drugs and medicine, tobacco, livestock, hay, grain, feed, vehicles, tools, implements, furniture, burial, miscellaneous, and total.  Arr. chron. by dates of entries.  No index.  Hdw. on p. f.  Aver. 230 pp. 17 x 15 x 1-1/2.

 407.  INVENTORY, 1926--.  1 file folder.

List of material assets of county infirmary, showing date of inventory, name of department, location, description of materials, price or value, quantity, total value, extension, by whom priced or valued, entered, examined, checked, and extended.  Arr. chron. by dates of inventories.  No index.  
Hdw. on p. f. 9 x 1-1/2 x 1/2.
                                                                                                                                             p. 193

County Commissioners

   The commissioners are active also in county welfare work.  They appoint a superintendent for the infirmary, keep the buildings in repair, and authorize the construction of new buildings when necessary.  They undertake the construction, maintenance, and supervision of the various homes and institutions for the unfortunate and needy.  The first Lake County Infirmary was established in 1852 at a cost of $4,000.  The present home was built in 1878 at a cost of $30,000.  The farm contains 190 acres.  Since January 1913, the county commissioners have served as a board of directors for the home. The commissioners appoint a board of five trustees to govern the  Lake County Memorial Hospital, organized in 1902 as the Painesville Hospital Association, and now occupying a building constructed in 1922-24 at a cost of $200,000.  Relief since 1936 has been administered by a director, appointed by the commissioners.  Not only is the power of appointment of clerks, boards, and superintendents of county welfare agencies lodged with the commissioners, but they are charged also with the duty of visiting the various welfare agencies once each six months.
                                                                                                                                                   p. 66

Roster of County Officials
Infirmary Directors*                                                                                                                   p. 236  

Harvey Woodworth                        1852-1854
Collins Morse                                 1852-1859
John T. Doolittle                             1852-1864
Eber D. Howe                                1854-1857
Homer Higley                                 1857-1857
George Everett                               1857-1858
Milo Harris                                     1857-1862
Invie P. Axtell                                 1858-1863
Asa Childs                                      1862-1871
Dates E. Able                                 1863-1866
Harvey Craine                                1864-1867
Franklin Rogers                              1866-1878
John McLelland                              1867-1874
Silas T. Ladd                                  1871-1873
Dates E. Able                                 1874-1875
B. H.  Woodman                            1873-1875
Dates E. Able                                 1875-1876
Alva T. Brown                                1875-1880

Carlas Mason                                   1876-1882
Nicholas Brink                                  1878-1881
Eleazer Burridge                                1880-1889
John H. Murray                                 1882-1885
Carlas Mason                                    1883-1888
John W. Crocker                               1888-1894
Charles M. Thompson                        1889-1889
Eleazer Burridge                                 1889-1894
Wallace L. Baker                               1890-1899
J. W. Crocker                                    1891-1893
L. L. Morris                                       1894-1912
David Law                                         1895-1902
S. T. Woodman                                 1899-1908
Albert F. Howe                                  1903-1904
W. E. Taylor                                      1904-1908
W. B. Blair                                         1909-1912
M. E. Crofoot                                    1909-1912

excerpted and transcribed by:  Sheila Geaslin -- Jan 2001
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