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Excerpts of portions dealing with Infirmary (poorhouse) Records

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County Home
   The Knox County poorhouse was established in 1842 by the county commissioners, acting under authority granted them by the legislative act of 1816 which gave them the power to purchase land and construct poorhouses in which to care for the county's indigent.


   The Knox County Commissioners in 1842 purchased one hundred thirty-two acres of land in Liberty Township and established the county home.  The buildings on the farm served to house the indigent of the county until in 1874 the increased population made expansion necessary.  Consequently plans were made and the construction of a new building started.  Many difficulties were encountered during the construction, which delayed its completion until September 1877.                                            Page 227

County Home -- Housing, Care, and Accessibility of the Records
All records are located in the superintendent's office, county home.                                         Page 329
County Home -- Records
501.  RECORD OF INMATES, 1873--. 1 vol.

Register of inmates of Know County county home showing name, date entered, former address, age, from what township, habits, and remarks.  Chron. arr. by dates of entry.  Alph. index by names of inmates. Hdw. on printed forms.  300 pp.  14 x 12 x 2.

502.  DAILY RECORDS OF INMATES, 1909--.  18 folders.

Carbon copies of monthly reports to state welfare department showing date, number on hand at beginning of each day, number received during each day, and number discharged each day.  Chron. arr. by dates of reports.  No index.  Hdw. on printed forms. 12 x 10 x 1/3.

503.  STATISTICAL RECORD, 1877-1900.  1 vol.  Discontinued.

Record shows list of inmates, list of products raised and products at the home, and record of accounts.  Chron. arr. by dates of entry.  No index.  Hdw. on printed forms.  250 pp. 10 x 13 x 2.


Record of receipts and expenditures of county infirmary classified as to funds showing date, amount, name of fund, source of receipts, and purpose of expenditure.  Chron. arr.  No index.  Hdw. on printed forms. Aver.  330 pp.  11 1/2 x 15 x 1 1/2.

505.  LEDGER--CONTINGENCY FUND, 1909--.  2 vols.

Contingency fund ledger showing date, receipts and disbursements of fund set aside for petty expenses and emergencies.  Chron. arr. by dates of entry.  No index.  Hdw. on printed forms.  Aver. 200 pp. 
14 x 8 x 2.

506.  MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS, 1925--.  21 file boxes.

Original bills, statements, correspondence, notations in miscellaneous matters kept by superintendent pertaining to business of infirmary.  No systematic arr.  No index.  Hdw.  4 x 5 x 8.
                                                                                                                                             Page 329

Infirmary Directors
John Hobbs                                          1842-1945
J. F. McLain                                         1842-1844
William Borden                                     1842-1846
Abraham Darling                                  1844-1851
C. A. Drake                                         1845-1848
Absalom Buckingham                           1846-1849
G. W. Jackson                                     1847-1856
Christian Musser                                   1849-1852
Timothy Colopy                                    1851-1854
John McCamment                                1852-1855
J. B. McGrew                                      1854-1857
Thomas Rogers                                    1855-1861
Thomas Larimore                                 1856-1862
E. J. Whitney                                        1857-1863
Asahel Allen                                         1861-1867
James Scott                                          1862-1865
E. S. Bebout                                         1863-1866
P. G. Bearslee                                      1865-1871
Luther L. Hyatt                                     1867-1870
R. C. Campbell                                    1869-1875
Samuel Snyder                                     1870-1876
William Cummins                                  1871-1874
Andrew Caton                                      1874-1880
Michael Hess                                        1875-1881
Adam Hornwell                                    1875-1878
R. H. Bebout                                        1876-1882
William Rinehart                                   1880-1889
Andrew Elliott                                      1881-1884
                                                             Page 239
William Welsh                                      1881-1887
Moses C. Bone                                    1882-1891
B. K. Jackson                                      1885-1891
James O. McArtor                               1886-1889
W. H. Wright                                       1888-1897
Charles Cooper                                    1889-1892
J. K. Lauderbaugh                                1889-1892
John C. Hammond                                1887-1893
James Coe                                           1892-1895
Jacob Baker                                         1894-1897
Jacob Lybarger                                    1895-1898
John C. Hammond                               1896-1899
John F. Ward                                       1897-1900
James W. Coe                                      1898-1901
George W. Shultz                                 1900-1906
Jacob Lybarger                                    1902-1908
E. M. Ramsey                                      1904-1910
Oscar Shaw                                         1905-1908
J. W. Coe                                            1909-1913
F. E. Cotton                                         1909-1913
R. Levering                                          1909-1913
                                                             Page 270
excerpted and transcribed by:  Linda Crannell -- Mar 2000
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