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Excerpts of portions dealing with Infirmary (poorhouse) Records

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Housing, Care, and Accessibility of the Records

   All of the records of the county home are in the office of the superintendent on the first floor of the institution, a two-story brick building three miles southeast of Jackson on State Route 75. The records are kept in a fireproof safe, and are in good condition. Accommodations for the public are adequate.
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Superintendent of the County

    The Jackson county Home was projected on June 3, 1872 ; when the county commissioners purchased for $9,000.00 a 160-acres farm , three miles southeast of Jackson on State Route 75. Construction of a three-story brick building with a capacity for accommodation of 80 indigents was started early in 1873 and completed in January 1874 at a cost of $16,000.00 . This building was occupied until 1905 when it was condemned by the state inspector of public buildings.  It became necessary to provide temporary  quarters for the inmates who were moved to a farm known as “The Maples” , two miles from Jackson  while a new home was being built. In May 1906 , the commissioners passed a resolution to levy a tax and issue bonds to the total  amount of $40,000.00 for the purpose of rebuilding the home on the site of the old one. The new home, a two-story , 53” by 83”  brick building with a basement, was completed in 1907 and is still in use.
                                                                                                                                             p. 198

In Jackson County the average number of inmates in the home in 1939 was 40, and the per capita cost of operation and maintenance was $ 222.19.
All the records are located in the Superintendent’s office in the county home, State Route 75, Jackson.
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Superintendent of the County Home -- Records

  254. Infirmary Records,  1877 -----. 1 vol.
Record of admissions to county infirmary , showing date admitted, name , age, sex, nativity, physical and mental condition of inmate, from what township, town, and county admitted, date of birth , place of birth, and previous habits.  Arr. chron. by dates of admissions. Indexed alphabetically by name of inmates.
Hdw.  500 pp.11 x 18 x 3. 

   255. Receipts of County Home, 1907 ----. 2 vols.
Records of receipts  of county home, showing date of receipt, source, including auditor’s  warrant for current expenses, boarding inmates, private accounts, gifts, sale of stock and produce, and all other sources, totals, and remarks.   Arr. chron. by dates of receipts. No index. Hdw. Aver. 200 pp.
17 x 5 x 1 1/2 . 

   256. Records of Expenditures of County Home, 1907 ---- 2 vols.
Records of expenditures classified as provisions, groceries, drugs, whiskey,  wines,  liquors,  tobacco, clothing, bedding, dry goods, laundry, fuel, light, water, postage, books, stationary, insurance, furniture, lumber, burials, transportation, escapes and return of inmates, farm supplies, livestock, miscellaneous, wages  of superintendent, matron, physician and employees, director’s expenses, repairs, and new buildings, all show date of warrant, name of payee, warrant number,  amount, totals, and remarks. Arr. chron. by dates of warrants. No index. Hdw. Aver. 200 pp. 17 x 19 x 2.
                                                                                                                                              p. 201

Roster of County Officials
Infirmary Directors*                                                                                              
Peter Bunn                                              1874-1877
Joseph Rule                                            1874-1876
Washington S. Schellenger                      1874-1877
Lawrence G. Dyson                                1876-1879
Alexander F. McCasley                          1877-1883
Stephen B. Dixon                                    1879-1885
Joseph Hale, Jr.                                      1883-1889
Patrick H. Garrett                              1885-1891
J. H. Harshbarger                              1887-1890
John W. Horton                                 1889-1895
William B. Lewis                                1890-1896
Daniel N. Griffith                               1891-1898
Jerome Behm                                    1895-1902
James H. Webb                                 1896-1903
                                                                 p. 246
James J. Davis                                        1898-1904
W. C. Wilmore                                       1902-1908
George S. Drummond                             1903-1909
Samuel Conrad                                       1904-1911
Michael M. Dixon                               906-1911
William J. Jenkins                              1909-1913
R. W. Drummond                              1911-1913
W. W. Roberts                                  1911-1913
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excerpted and transcribed by: Carol Adkins -- Jan 2001
Note: Most of these inventories were heavily footnoted. We did not include the footnotes (which were usually references to other documents) here because we felt that this website is for general readers without a strong academic/legal need to see these footnotes. However, they are available upon specific request from researchers who e-mail us.

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