Excerpts of those portions dealing with Infirmary (poorhouse) Records

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   During the 1930's and 1940's the Work Projects Administration (WPA) began the process of inventorying County Archives of Ohio. Their work was cut short when funding elapsed prior to World War II, but several volumes were published.
   The Columbiana County edition states: "The inventories produced by the Historical Records Survey Program attempt to do more than give merely a list of records--they attempt further to sketch in the historical background of the county or other unit of government, and to describe precisely and in detail the organization and functions of the government agencies whose records they list. The county, town, and other local inventories will, when completed, constitute an encyclopedia of local government as well as bibliography of local archives." ...
   While these records may no longer be stored in the vault, it is proof that they did exist at the time the [inventory] was compiled. It may take some digging, but chances are good that the records can be found.
   The WPA Inventories were never totally completed for all counties in Ohio. ... They are unavailable today except in most major Ohio libraries, where a complete set will usually be found.
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Note: Such inventories were prepared for only those counties listed below. Those which do not include a link are currently being researched or transcribed. Please do not slow this process down by e-mailing to ask about them. They will be posted just as soon as they are readyPHL
  ADAMS County  
  ALLEN County   
#  3 ASHLAND County (Ashland) August   1942
#  5 ATHENS County (Athens) May       1939
#  7 BELMONT County (St. Clairsville)               1942
  BROWN County  
# 15 COLUMBIANA County (Lisbon) July        1942
  CUYAHOGA County  
# 24 FAYETTE County (Washington Court House) July        1940
# 25 FRANKLIN County (Columbus) 1942
Of all the Ohio counties for which we have summarized the county inventory, Franklin  County  has the most extensive list of poorhouse records. We have also taken this opportunity to include (for only this county) some records which dealt, not with the poorhouse, but with other aspects of poor relief. Those  have been highlighted.  
We have done this so people researching other counties may have this expanded example. 
# 28 GEAUGA County (Chardon) August    1942
# 31 HAMILTON County (Cincinnati) October  1937
# 32 HANCOCK County (Findlay)                1941
# 40 JACKSON County (Jackson)                  1942
# 42 KNOX County April 1939
# 43 LAKE County October    1941
# 47 LORAIN County (Elyria)                 1941
# 48 LUCAS County  (Toledo) April         1937
# 49 MADISON County (London) August      1941
# 57 MONTGOMERY County (Dayton)                  1941
# 66 PIKE County (Waverly) May          1942
# 71 ROSS County (Chillicothe) June          1939
  SCIOTO County  
# 74 SENECA County (Tiffin)                  1942
# 75 STARK County (Canton) January      1940
# 77 SUMMIT County (Akron) May           1941

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