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Excerpts of portions dealing with Infirmary (poorhouse) Records

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Housing, Care, and Accessibility of the Records
Superintendent of the County Home.  The county home is on the Hayesville Road, Ashland, Ohio, and contains one office room.  All the records are kept in a steel fire proof vault located along the east side of the superintendent’s office.  Ventilation and lighting conditions are good.  The office has adequate space at present.  Records number 14 volumes, 18 file boxes, and 2 bundles.                                              p 59
Superintendent of the County Home

    The contract for the Ashland County infirmary was let in 1849 by the county commissioners under authority of the act of 1816.  Before this time Ashland County commissioners were especially permitted by law to send paupers to Richland County.

   The Ashland County Home has given refuge to about 1,640 persons in the past quarter century.  They have ranged in age from babyhood to the nineties.  While a few of the inmates pay all or a part of the cost of their care, by far the greater number do not.  In 1940 the commissioners appropriated $14,352 for the maintenance of the home.  The eight resident members of the staff received an aggregate salary of $4,428. 

   Physical care is given within the limits of the resources of the institution.  Cases of severe illness, however, requiring special attention, are cared for at the cost of the county at the city hospital in Ashland as are other indigent patients.  A preacher is retained by the commissioners to provide religious services once a month. 

   All records are located in the superintendent’s office at the county home, Hayesville Road, Ashland, Ohio, unless otherwise specified.                                                                                                   p 243

Minutes; Case Records; Financial Records


338. INFIRMARY RECORD, 1849--.  3 vols. (1-3).
Record of minutes of meetings of board of infirmary directors, 1849-1913, and county commissioners sitting as board of directors, 1913--, showing names of directors present, date of meeting, names of township and trustees, bills submitted and paid, date and number of bill, goods supplied or services rendered, amount of bill, and name and address of creditor.  Arr. chron. by dates of meetings. No index.  Hdw. Aver. 450 pp 12 x 18 x 2 ½ 

Case Records 

339. APPLICATIONS, 1849--. 2 f.b., 1 bdl.
Copies of accepted applications for admission to county home, showing date of application, name and address of applicant, age, race, color, sex, marital status, number in family, description of property owned by applicant, name of nearest relative, length of residence in county or township, former residence, date of last public relief, cause of indigence, nature of relief needed, probable duration of relief, physical condition at present time, present legal residence, and signatures of commissioners. Arr. chron by dates of applications. No index. Hdw. on p. f. F. b., 10 x 23 x 28; bdl., 4 x 4 x 12.

340. INFIRMARY RECORD, 1849--. 2 vols. (1,2).
Register of admissions to county infirmary, showing date of admission, name of inmate, age, nativity, marital status, length of residence in county, state, and township, and whether insane, epileptic, idiotic, or deformed; also record of discharges, showing date and reason for discharge, and record of deaths, showing date and cause of death.  Arr. chron. by dates of admissions. No index. Hdw. on p. f.  Aver. 150 pp.  12 x 18 x 2 

341.  ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT, 1880--. 1 vol.
Articles of agreement between infirmary board and inmate, showing names of directors, name of inmate, date of agreement, itemized list of goods disposed of by public sale, and amount received for goods, and transferred to poor fund with name of article, quantity, and total amount.  Arr. alph. by names of inmates.  No index.  Hdw. on p. f. 100 pp. 12 x 8 x 1. 

Financial Records 

342.  INFIRMARY DIRECTORS’ DIARY, 1892-1901. 1 VOL. 1902—in Expenditures and Receipts, Infirmary Fund, entry 344.
Infirmary directors’ diary, showing date of entry, cost of labor and supplies, and number of inmates admitted.  Arr. chron. by dates entered.  No index.  Hdw. 90 pp. 12 x 4 x 1. 

343.  JOURNAL, 1897--. 2 vols.
Journal record of cash, showing date of entry, balance on hand, amount of debits, credits, and balance.  Arr. chron. by dates entered. No index. Hdw. Aver. 480 pp. 8 x 14 x 2 ½.

                                                                                                                              p. 244 & 245


340.  ORDER OF TRANSPORTATION, 1888--.  1 f. b.
Copies kept in infirmary office of expense accounts of infirmary directors in regard to transportation, showing starting place, destination and return, also cost of ticket or traveling expense, with signature of ticket agent, and name of purchaser of ticket; also includes infirmary directors’ account for services rendered to the infirmary (gas, light, and water), showing date, place, and total.  Arr. chron. by dates filed.  No index.  Hdw. on p. f. F. b., 10 x 12 x 18. 

Inventory of property belonging to inmates, showing date of inventory, name of inmate, itemized list of quantity, kind of article, and price, and signatures of sale clerk and superintendent of infirmary.  Contains no record of settlements.  Arr. chron. by dates of inventories.  No index.  Hdw. 400 pp. 12 x 7 x 1 ½. 

342.  PAUPERS STATISTICS, 1849--. 1 f. b.
Copies of statistics submitted by county auditor to state department, including cost and expenditures of keeping patients in the home and keeping patients outside the home, showing number supported by each method, total supported, date report submitted, signatures of superintendent of home and board of directors.  Records are contained in folders.  Arr. chron. by dates reported. No index.  Hdw. on p. f. 10 x 12 x 18. 

343.  DIVISION OF CHARITIES, 1937--. 1 f. b., 1 bdl.
Record copies of monthly reports of superintendent of county home to the state division of charities, showing date of report, number of male and female inmates at beginning of each day, number received during day, number discharged, died, or ran away during day, number continuously present for the entire month, number of persons received for the first time, number of persons received who were former inmates, number of deaths, and average number of inmates cared for during month.  Arr. chron. by dates filed. No index. F. b., 10 x 4 ½ x 13 ½; bdl., 14 x 8 x ¼. 

344.  VISITORS REGISTER, 1877--. 1 vol.
Record of visitors to county infirmary, showing date of visit, name and address of visitor, number of meals served, and remarks.  Arr. chron. by dates of visits. No index. Hdw. on p. f. 500 pp. 10 x 12 x 3. Reception hall. 

345.  SUMMONS IN PROBATE COURT, 1904--.  1 f. b.
Copies of petitions to sell real estate belonging to infirmary inmates, showing date of filing, name of person summoned, reason for sale, and signature of probate judge.  Arr. chron. by dates filed. No index. Hdw. on p. f. 10 x 12 x 18. 

346.  MISCELLANEOUS FILE, 1887--. 2  f. b.
Copies of agreements for care of inmates by relatives, list of articles sold at public auction, papers of surrender of child to children’s home by inmates of county infirmary, indentures of apprenticeship; agreements for care of inmates by relatives, 1896--, showing date, names of inmate and relative, place of residence, agreement as to amount relative must pay toward care of inmate, and description of case; articles sold at public auction, 1896--, showing name of article, quantity, amount paid, name of inmate, name of clerk, and date of sale; surrender of child, 1896--, showing date of commitment, names of child and inmate, age of child, sex, signature of superintendent, and date to be released; indenture of minors, 1896-1905, showing date of indenture, and name of inmate, name of family or business where apprenticeship is to be served, title of position to be held, and signatures of superintendent and guardian or parents; copies of abstracts of title and deeds turned over by inmates, 1887--, showing history of title, location of property, rightful owner, names of grantor and grantee, date filed, and term of agreement.  Records are contained in folders.  Arr. alph. by subjects and chron. thereunder by dates filed.  No index. Hdw. on p. f. 10 x 12 x 18. 

347.  WELFARE (Miscellaneous Correspondence), 1898--. 2 f. b. (labeled by contained letters of alphabet).
Correspondence between superintendent of infirmary and department of public welfare regarding reports on daily movement of inmates for current month, showing date of correspondence, to whom, subject matter, and signature of correspondent.  Records are contained in folders.  Arr. chron. by dates of correspondence.  No index. 1898-1917, hdw.; 1917--, typed.  10 x 12 x 18.

                                                                                                                                           p. 245-247

excerpted and transcribed by:  Nancy Plain -- Dec 2000
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