Photos from "The field where the 'broken people' lie"  in The Times Herald-Record   February 3, 2001
By Jeremiah Horrigan    (See on-line article without photos)


We had to remove this photo because The Times Herald-Record did not give us permission to copy it.
Hopefully, they will be adding the photos to their on-line article soon.
(Here's what they said.)


Photocopy by Ken Bizzigotti / The Record-Photo courtesy of Haviland-Heidgerd Historical Collection.
"This is a copy of a photo by H.L. Schultz showing the Ulster County Home on Libertyville Road in New Paltz, now the Ulster County Fairgrounds.  The Ulster County Home, "the poorhouse," was known as a place that housed the destitute, the damaged and the mad; people who ran out of money, luck or both; people who never had much of either to begin with; and the friendless elderly and the certifiably insane."
"Susan Stessin-Cohn, adjunct professor of elementary education at SUNY New Paltz, stands next to an old tombstone in a pauper's cemetery in the Town of New Paltz.  Stessin-Cohn has taken on the challenge of finding out as much as she can about the people buried there."

Sorry, but we had to remove this photo also.

See note above.


  Ken Bizzigotti / The Record

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