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"I worked for Tompkins County (NYS) for 21 years in  casework services. We had a county home and farm open and running from the early 1800's. It was on the road between where I lived and my job. (Hence the photos of the now defunct CH.) It was a good place for many generations of people who had no other home. They ran a farm, raised their own vegetables and livestock, etc. They had a kind of family. Then it was determined that it was not in the interests of progress or economics to keep it open, and around 1987, the County closed it, despite the efforts of many of us to keep it open. All the residents were moved to nursing homes.

The photos were taken by a real estate woman who was showing the Tompkins County Home to me and a co-worker, this past summer. We were looking at it for a group who was interested in reviving it as a shelter for the homeless. Unfortunately, it has become so derelict since 1987 it cannot be saved. It would cost far too much, plus it is dangerous to work in for carpenters, etc. The materials alone can never be safely restored or replaced, plus they don't make them anymore like that.

The woman in the hallway with her back to the camera and her head down is me. 
I was lost in thought. I look like a ghost of the County Home occupants past!"

     Catherine Gage Wedge 

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