City of Newburgh 
(Orange County, New York)    

available Alms-House materials

Submitted by:  Betsey McKean, City of Newburgh Engineering Department []

In possession of the Orange County Genealogical Society, 101 Main Street, Goshen, N.Y.
However, photocopies of these volumes are available at:
 Newburgh Free Library, Crawford House, and Engineering Department at City Hall

            Alms-House Expense Log 1853-1864 (expenses for the Alms-House and temporary relief)

            Examiners’ Expense Log 1864-1868 (case by case in the Village of Newburgh)

            Examiners’ Case Journal 1853-1858 (paragraphs on case by case in the Village of Newburgh)

                        Transcription & index also at each location cited above.

            Misc. Volume:

                        Prisoners Committed 1866

                        Paupers Committed 1869

                        Pauper Expenses 1870-1871

                        Clothing Expenses 1872

                        Misc. loose papers

                        Daily weather January-June 1873

            Children's indentures 1854-1877  Index at each location cited above.

            Emigrant Expenses, Or. Co. Superintendent of the Poor 1853-1856


In possession of the City of Newburgh Engineering & Archives Department, City Hall, 83 Broadway, Newburgh, N.Y.
However, photocopies of these are available at the Newburgh Free Library & Crawford House.

            Annual Report, City & Town Home 1913-1926 (5 bound brochures)

                                                                           1934 (folded documents)

            Annual Report, Associated Charities 1914-1918 (5 bound brochures)

            Annual Report, Agency for Dependent Children 1918-1921 (2 bound brochures)                        


In possession of the:
Historical Society of Newburgh Bay & the Highlands, Crawford House, 189 Montgomery St., Newburgh, N.Y.
However, photocopies, transcription & index of this volume will be available at:
Newburgh Free Library, and the Engineering Department.

Alms-House Commissioners’ Minutes, March 1853-July 1880


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