Pictures taken March 2000 by a volunteer, Paula  schoon@ulster.net  
Submitted by Terre (aka: Terasa Sharlene Walker Ahlgren)      FIrock@aol.com
"My grandfather is buried in this cemetery which is behind the Infirmary."

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"Yes, there is a cemetery there!
I found a volunteer who took
pictures for me. It is all overgrown,
and the director there suggested to
come during the cooler seasons,
as they have Lyme disease in the
area."  Terre

Both Sides of the Road

On the left: the old 
Dutchess County Poorhouse 

On the right: (the same building
as pictured far right) >>>>

    A working clinic today.
"I understand there is a cemetery on the grounds but no stones and only numbered graves. I don't know whether or not the records have ever been found. At present I don't know what the county uses it for but I have heard that the property is up for sale which makes one wonder what will happen with the interments there."   Ginny   ginnyflies@worldnet.att.net

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