MISCELLANEOUS Poorhouse Cemetery Notes

The poorhouse cemetery appears to have been  used as a place for the interment of the remains of unidentified bodies. Some of these may have been the victims of foul play; others may have been unknown transients who died in accidents.  Of course, in these cases there is no name available; but we have provided such sketchy details as are available in case someone may be able to relate these to family lore about someone who disappeared.  
1891 "Bones found Merchants Alley"
1892 "Skeleton of a child found 76 Grand St"
1892 "Unknown small child found in 236 Orange St."
1893 "infant found on Hamilton St."
1894 "unknown child found 92 Dallius St."
1900 "bones from Delevan Fire"
1902 "unknown Italian"
1913 "skull bones" "found in woods No Boulevard"
In other cases, the records contain incomplete or illegible names.
YEAR NAME information (if given) COMMENTS
1881 Bill from Cedar Hill
1882 Susana (last name illegible)   
1883 Theresa Fl??grl  (last name illegible)  
1888 Georgie "known by the name of Georgie"
1888 Hortense 
(may be last name - unclear)
1899 Jennie found in Erie Canal
1906 Jake "Happy Jake" "died in Pavillion F"
1916 Helen [last name illegible] stillborn
The poorhouse cemetery also seems to have been the final repository for bodies donated to
the medical college
to be used as cadavers for dissection as part of the doctors' training.
1890 subjects from MC [Medical College]
1890 bones from Med College
1890 "5 Boxes of bones M.E."
1891 subjects from M C
1892 "Subjects from M.C."
Lastly, amputated limbs appear to have been buried in the poorhouse cemetery.
(This occurred on three occasions: in 1900, 1907, 1909.)

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