Washington County Poorhouse
Cemetery Lists
the Poorhouse Story
Stones which have NUMBERS ONLY

Internment list for those with grave markers containing only NUMBERS.

(Scattered throughout the original poorhouse records are occasional handwritten lists which give the headstone numbers and the sketchy information quoted below.)
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Note: By the start of the 20th century the poorhouse was virtually no longer what we     historically consider a poorhouse. Many categories of people who had been inmates of traditional poorhouses were no longer being admitted. Laws had been passed requiring more appropriate placement for orphans and mentally handicapped people, etc. Almost all of the people living in the poorhouse at the time covered by this list were elderly people who needed nursing home services and who also met Financial needs criteria. Prior to the establishment of Medicare (the health insurance program for people over 65 years of age), many people who had led productive and independent lives found themselves unable to pay for such services after they could no longer earn wages adequate to pay for severely handicapping or catastrophic illness.

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