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I was so happy to find that someone else is interested in the records of those persons who were less fortunate than ourselves.

In the 1930 era, there was a poorhouse at Moorefield, in Independence County, Arkansas.

There was an elderly gentleman (homeless) who came to live with my mother's family. His wife and two small children had been killed in a tornado. His name was Dan Claypool. I could write lots about "Uncle Dan", such as how he built a brush arbor for a playhouse for us, how much he helped my parents, especially my dear mother.  Most of all, how much he loved us, and how sad he would become when we had storms.

One of my mother's cousins needed someone to assist his two young sons in caring for the farm animals while he was ill. Of course Uncle Dan went to their rescue. Then a neighbor of his needed help, so Uncle went there.

He became ill and instead of getting word to us, they put him in the poorhouse. He died there and we didn't even know about it for months. My siblings and I bought a marker for his grave several years ago.

I loved him as if he were my grandfather and have always been saddened because he died without loved ones around his bed.

It has taken me awhile to compose this letter, because of my tears.

So thanks again for caring.