Seeking Descendants of 
Those Buried in New Jersey Cemetery
(for poorhouse, mental hospital and penitentiary)

The following article is from Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter 
Vol. 7 No. 44 - November 4, 2002
and is copyright 2002 by Richard W. Eastman. 
It is re-published here with the permission of the author.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is seeking the descendants of
those buried in a potters' field cemetery in Hudson County
The turnpike needs the land to build an interchange that will serve
the Secaucus Transfer train station near Laurel Hill. The cemetery
on those grounds was used by Hudson County's former poorhouse,
mental hospital, and penitentiary. More than 3,500 bodies may be
in the ground, located behind a prison annex and under an elevated
section of highway.

The authority will spend $3.89 million to locate and remove the
remains, transport them to a new location, and reinter them. 
A memorial will also be placed at the new site.
State Superior Court Judge Thomas Oliveri in Hudson County is overseeing the move.

Several weeks ago, Oliveri ordered the turnpike to run legal ads
searching for relatives
of the deceased. Oliveri said in September
that he wants to hear from relatives of the deceased. So far, only
six have come forward, and only one has been confirmed as having a relative in the cemetery.

A complete list of those buried 
                 is available on the turnpike's Web site at

If you have ancestry in or around Hudson County, you should check this list for any possible relatives.

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