John & Lena
(see them in their later years)

Submitted by:    Marc Alan Peterka  (see photo >)

Well, this is a photo of that Poorhouse Keeper's grandson taken c1953! 
In 1921 John Mathiesen and and his wife, Lena Olson, moved to the Richland County Farm in Wahpeton, North Dakota, where he was to be the Keeper of that poorhouse until sometime shortly after Lena's death in 1936.

Two years before they moved to the County Home (poorhouse) this Olson Family portrait -- Lena's family --  (right) was taken in 1919. 

John & Lena are the first people shown at the left side of the top row. Lena's parents are in the front row: she is to the far right and he is at the left (holding his granddaughter, Corine Mathiesen.) 

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Note:  Corine is the little girl who grew up to, a few years before her death in 1999,  write the wonderful story (previously published) about Christmas at the County Farm.  

(See links off that story for other wonderful photos and more about the Keeper's family.)

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Click here to see the family Corine (the Poorhouse Keeper's Daughter) & Paul Peterka raised.

And here is what the Poorhouse looked like --

graced by Corine
on the front porch steps...
and her husband Paul ...
in the front yard.


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